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First blog of 2020


It’s been a fraught January with one thing and another, having to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 hasn’t helped!

Our old desktop has been replaced with a smart new laptop, installed by our I.T. Support (daughter!) who knows a great deal more than we do when it comes to technology.

I asked her to leave us with the mouse and keyboard as I know it’s going to take me a while to learn to use the laptop.

The USB cable for my camera appears to have given up the ghost but I do have a few photos of the Hellebores in my garden, taken a fortnight ago.

As the ground is so water-logged right now, no floods thankfully, I haven’t got the incentive to go out and deadhead them, although I know it needs to be done.

Last year I removed many clumps of Daffodils, the majority were tall stemmed and always fell down in the slightest breeze so I left the smaller varieties. Unable to take any pics right now, but I can show you the Crocus, one of my favourite Spring flowers.

You can tell these photos were taken recently as there has been little, or no, sunshine of late! The only storm damage we have seen so far is a piece of trellis atop a fence panel has come down, taking all the Clematis montana with it. I’m sure the Clematis will thrive, it’s tough as old boots!

I do hope you are all keeping safe and secure in this inclement weather.

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Welcome back to blogging Shirley, my lovely iMac packed up......have been lost without it, using an iPad now but it’s not happy connecting to an Android 📞....... so having to use both to construct a blog! Such a pain!
Isn’t this weather just diabolical can’t get anything done in the garden.
Your photos have really cheered me up, you have some beautiful Hellebores.....everyone a winner! We have lost such a lot this year, rain, too much heat last year? who knows......thanks for the smashing blog....
PS good luck with the laptop, I would have to use a mouse too, I hate those pads.......

16 Feb, 2020


Beautiful photos - weather here in the NE has been better than a lot of places, but the wind hasn't really stopped for weeks now, and more is due later this week. The only 'gardening' being done around here is looking at everyone's photos on my lap top!

Thank you to the brave ones!

16 Feb, 2020


Thank you for braving the storms to do a blog, very pretty Hellebores.

16 Feb, 2020


So far so good here that first Hellebore. They are all beautiful, but that top one is special! Crocuses not out here yet.

16 Feb, 2020


Lovely Photo's Shirley,and they are such pretty ones too,welcome back ! :o)Sorry you are having to tackle a new System,but you will get there .I have only ever had a laptop,and was hopeless using the Mouse ! so it's just what you are used to..I wasn't enthralled with Windows 10 either,but much prefer it to the old Windows 7 now.... Says me,who is on the bottom rung of the Technology ladder ! Lol.So glad you are ok,as we missed you on Goy.. will PM you later xx

16 Feb, 2020


That's a really lovely collection of hellebores - you will be making us all jealous!
I've had a laptop for ages now and never even tried to do without my trusty mouse. If you really can't stand Windows 10 why not change altogether and install Linux? The desktop is more like Windows used to be and it has everything most of us need. Its easy to keep up to date and if you really need to convert a document to or from windows you can do that too. All the updates are free too.The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't run Adobe photoshop elements but there are other similar programs.

16 Feb, 2020


Lovely pictures, hellebores are so photogenic aren't they?

Are you sure it's the camera cable?
Now you are on W10 maybe you need a new camera "driver" installed? I know some companies do not support W10, printers mainly. Consult your IT expert

You can of course remove the memory card from the camera and use a card reader, plugged into a USB port, to transfer images to PC. I do this with my Lumix because it is a cheaper option than buying a cable connector

17 Feb, 2020


Shirley,I do the same as Grandad G ,remove memory card from Camera, and use card reader plugged in to port..It's quite easy once you get the hang of it..I'm sure Sarah will show you:o) If like me it takes a bit to sink in, as with most things,I have it written down ,step by case I forget ! change there then ? ha ha .xx

17 Feb, 2020


Hello again Shirley, so pleased that you are back in touch.
The hellebores are all very beautiful but like Karen, I think the first one is a very special one. The crocuses in the sunshine look very pretty and smiley too.

A lot of our daffodils are lying flattened on the ground and we have decided to go for shorter varieties in the autumn. Our garden looks 'troubled' at the moment and I hope for calmer days ahead.

17 Feb, 2020


Dotty, as OH is watching footie on TV (I bet yours is too!) I shall persevere with this new laptop. Some of those Hellebores are from Hayloft and I'm very pleased with them. As for the weather, I'm just so grateful not to be in a flooded area of the U.K., those poor folk who are suffering so much damage to their property.

Thanks Sunnydais ... hope the wind dies down soon.

Siris, no bravery on my part as these pics were taken about a fortnight ago, when the sun was shining. Remember that day?!!

Karen, that Hellebore is pretty, as is the Picotee one in the 4th photo. I looked out at 7am today only to see most of the Crocus flattened ... :o(

Stera and Grandad, many thanks to you both for the techie info. As daughter is popping round tomorrow evening I will show her your comments and see what she comes up with.

Sandra, you don't get rid of me that easily, ha ha! There was a lot going on for us in January and I really didn't look in on GoY that often, naughty me! The ground is saturated so no hope of gardening. How are things weather wise in your area?

Chris, this afternoon Michael and I moved everything that was on the patio at the back to a small gravelled area, pots of Daffs, huge potted Camellia etc. as he wants to use the Karcher machine to clean the block paving soon. When I suggested it was daft to make the ground even wetter I just got a look ... :o))

17 Feb, 2020


Hello Shirley and I just have to say that I love your Hellebores. I am pleased you are not one of the unfortunate ones who have been flooded!
We are lucky here on the east coast.

18 Feb, 2020


Oh Shirley I did chuckle when I read one of your comments! John was out on Tuesday with the pressure house cleaning our brick driveway and our small paved patio!! What a day to choose!! When he had finished his face was splattered with mud and he was you said 'daft!'
He meant well as it had become very slippery!
My neatly arranged pots on the patio all had to be neatly arranged again after the onslaught!

20 Feb, 2020


Looks like January passed quickly for you,Shirley ..At least it wasn't too bad weatherwise,unlike now ! Luckily,we haven't been affected by flooding at all,unlike all those other poor people in other areas of Yorkshire.I'm glad you were ok too..sent you a PM as promised :o) x

20 Feb, 2020


Hi Shirley, I've been in a similar state as my laptop gave up the ghost as well, haven't yet treated myself to a new one but daughter ( luckily ) doesn't use hers any more so donated it to me, I cannot make up my mind as to whether I renew my laptop, or buy an ipad, already have a Samsung Tablet which I've had a long time now but honestly, I just do not get on with it, don't want to waste money on something again just to stick it in the cupboard, daughters and granddaughter recommend Ipad, decisions, decisions...LOL.
As you can imagine not a lot of gardening going on here, I did manage to get my roses all pruned and have managed to cut back a few perennials but only the ones I can reach from the footpath, hellebores are really enjoying themselves and doing us proud this year, you have some beauties, mine are really big this year, we might not like this horrendous weather but they certainly do...
Lovely photo's Shirley....

21 Feb, 2020


You have beauties with those Hellebores I think Daffidils are now better off in pots so you can move them away from winds with the weather we are getting over recent years.

23 Feb, 2020


Hi Rose, rain, rain and more rain at the moment! I hope you have had no weather related issues.

Chris, at least there is less chance of you slipping over now! I moved lots of pots to the shelter of a fence, the Daffodils are still upright, phew!

Sandra, PM received and read. Reply to follow soon ... :o))

Lincs, thank goodness for daughters eh?!! Sarah will call in again one evening this week to sort out the audio ... I shall pay her with food, ha ha! I had a look around the garden this morning as there was no rain for a change. Quite a few mauve Crocus in bloom, not sure where the yellow ones went. Also saw a couple of pink Hyacinths which seem early this year. Soil is like a bog and at least a couple of the blue Festuca grasses I planted last year appear to have rotted in the wet ground, grrr!

Thanks for looking in 3d.

23 Feb, 2020


Sorry I hadn't seen this blog of yours earlier,Shirley!

I especially like the Picotee Hellebore but the rest are lovely as well! The balcony gets too much sunshine for Hellebores to thrive. I did have one a few years ago but it didn't last a year even! :(

I adore Crocuses when they start to flower! They bring an immense cheer to the balcony when they start to flower in February! The blue ones especially are very welcome as at that time of the year there are few blue flowers around.

Even though I garden on a balcony the immense amount of rain bothered me as well! I had to take all the pots of the balcony railings & move them up against the living room windows where there is more shelter. I also had to do the same with all the troughs, including the 3 big white ones on the floor au against the railings. trying to get out onto the balcony was very hard work!!!

8 May, 2020


and trying to get back in must have been a problem too! :o))

9 May, 2020


LOL! :D :D :D

10 May, 2020

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