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Farewell to February


It has certainly not been much of a month for gardeners, too wet, too windy and too flipping cold!

Last week we had dry weather overnight once, enough to make mowing the grass on a high setting possible so OH did that and I managed to edge it later in the day.

The garden has stood up quite well to the elements, just a few plant casualties and a piece of trellis determined to fall off the top of a fence panel again. It had been nailed back into place, so OH assured me, but the gale force winds soon took care of that!

Our new neighbours have a dog that decided to push his head right into the shared fence, possibly to get closer to our cat who was sitting close to it. Now the panel is looking sorry for itself, boarded up with oddments of wood and wire mesh until the whole fence along that side is renewed.

The three blue Festuca grasses did not take kindly to the amount of rainfall and all have rotted. Thankfully the Carex has fared better.

Pots of Narcissus and other bulbs, along with cuttings, were moved over to the shelter of the fence on the other side of the garden where the wind seemed less fierce!

I dug up many Narcissus bulbs last year, they were ‘blind’ and had been in the ground for some years but there are still a few pretty ones flowering now.

Here are a couple of attractive Hellebores, from a collection I ordered from Hayloft Plants and am very pleased with.

Crocus have not been opening much due to lack of sunshine, but I did spot these.

A couple of signs that Spring is definitely approaching … new growth on a Hydrangea and flowers in bloom on a Ceanothus.

Finally, should this Bee have been ever so slowly crawling along the block paving in such cold weather?

This blog has been made possible with assistance from I.T. Support (daughter) who has decided my camera is pretty much dying, the new USB cable wasn’t really necessary for me to have bought so she has a spare camera I may use soon! I am slowly getting to grips with the recently installed Windows 10 and am just chuffed to have posted this blog, ha ha!

These daughters are so useful sometimes!!!

The weather is forecast to be sunny and dry all day so, hopefully, I can get out in the garden for a while. We are having a path built soon, from the patio up to the little Summerhouse, and that means part of a border needs plants removing from it.

If I can re-site a few, all the better.

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You have some nice colour Shirley. It’s been a vicious February, I prefer frosty weather to the awful damaging wind and rain rain rain. Bet your annoyed about the fence damage, more work and expense. So pleased we’re in March. That Hayloft hellebore is gorgeous.

3 Mar, 2020


Like that Hellebore, pretty picotee. In your first pic, there looks as if there was once a pond there?

3 Mar, 2020


Nice blog Shirley. I’m glad that daughter is proving useful! ;)

3 Mar, 2020


Thanks Dawn, today there are pink, blue and mauve Hyacinths in bloom which is a positive. The negative was finding five pots of completely rotted, squishy Chionodoxa bulbs. I f I had kept them in the cold greenhouse they would possibly be flowering now ... :o(

Siris, there was indeed a pond but it was always a pain. Murky water, despite trying many things to cure it and, to be honest, I was glad when OH agreed it wasn't worth the effort. When we drained it there were many frogs hiding in the sludge so we moved them over to a log-pile at the back of the garden and still see one now and again.

Ha ha Karen, I can't even think at the speed she types at! ... :o))

3 Mar, 2020


love those hellebores ..

3 Mar, 2020


Lovely photos - as for the bee. Here's what to do.

A simple solution of sugar and water helps revive exhausted bees. To create this energy drink to revive tired bees, The RSPB suggests mixing two tablespoons of white, granulated sugar with one tablespoon of water, and placing the mix on a plate or spoon.

Not too much water to make sure they don't drown!

3 Mar, 2020


It is cold isn't it. Your Daffodils look lovely, ours are still closed. We have all been saying how good the Hellebores are this year.

3 Mar, 2020


You have a lovely group of Spring flowers Shirley. Daffodils are so cheering aren't they !
Your Ceanothis is early flowering! Is it an early flowering one ?
I have seen a bee flying around the last couple of days .

3 Mar, 2020


The Hellebores are lovely. That's a super photo of the crocuses - bet you were pleased with it!
Sunny Dais I hadn't heard of sugar and water for bees, what I do is to put a little blob on honey in front of them.

3 Mar, 2020


Thanks Terra ... good to see you back ... :o)

Sunny, I shall remember that. Yesterday I saw a couple of big Bees going in and out of the larger Crocus that had opened in the sunshine.

Linda,I'm beginning to really dislike cold weather and yearn for the warmer days.

Rose, that Ceanothus seems to flower earlier each year! It's a 'Puget' or 'Paget' variety.

Thanks Stera ... the Crocus were looking lovely in the sun yesterday ... lots of plain mauve but hardly any yellow. Not sure what happened to the latter!

4 Mar, 2020


Bringing a flower full of nectar to the bee works well too if possible - I often pull off a head and it's lovely to see the bee fly after a good feed!

4 Mar, 2020


I was so happy to say goodbye to February......hoping that March would bring some more stable weather......unfortunately not, just as erratic, today has been dry, but the borders are saturated....we have several pots of extremely wet plants looking for new homes, due to enlarging the grass circle last Autumn!
We bought several Hellebores from Hayloft and most of them have returned thankfully!
Like you all our Hyacinth are out! but all in the wrong places!
I am glad to hear you are mastering Windows 10..and your daughter is on hand for future advice......go Shirley go !!

6 Mar, 2020


I agree Shirley that February was a difficult month and like you I kept moving pots of bulbs into new places which were sheltered from the wind and heavy rain!
We also have lost 3 grasses and as for the lawn it looks terrible!
The weather looks as if it might be improving from the middle of the month so I must get my optimism back and look forward to getting the mower out at least!!!

7 Mar, 2020


Hi Shirley,your Hydrangea and Ceanothis are far in front of mine but a lovely reminder of whats to come. I have been making the best of the odd dry days moving a small apple tree and a sorbus `pink pergola` and one or two small hebes. The old wooden rose arch has also gone, I went to lean on it and it swayed dangerously so OH took it down ... it had earned its keep as he made it about 20 something years ago. He doesn`t want to make another one so I have ordered one online. Sorry to see you have to replace a fence panel not a job that anyone likes.

8 Mar, 2020


Dotty, the long range forecast shows almost a week of dry weather to come. Please, please let that be correct! We have plans to have a path built and some new fence panels to be erected ... would prefer it to be not raining.
As for Windows 10, I think I have just put some photos on without any assistance from daughter ... woohoo!!

Chris, it becomes very frustrating to wake up to dismal grey days. Yesterday the sun actually shone so we took a drive to the countryside and were stunned at the amount of water lying in the fields. Not sure I have ever seen so many flooded fields in Sussex before ... :o(

Oh Phyl, leaning against that old arch could have been dangerous, glad you stayed upright! Well done on managing to move the apple tree and other plants. I am on the lookout for a Crabapple tree, not found a decent looking one yet, all look a bit shabby.

10 Mar, 2020

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