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Gone too far perhaps!


This little raised bed needs a change in planting as I find it quite tiring at times to weed, prune and maintain the garden these days!

Back in 2014 it looked like this . . . hardly any soil to be seen . . . just how I like it.

Over time the Conifers at each side of the bed had gradually turned so brown that I removed them!

There were some Aquilegias in shades of pink and purple, but they don’t last forever and have died off.

One of the Hydrangeas was a big mophead type so the one that remains is a pale pink lacecap one, much nicer, to my mind anyway.

Many of the Heucheras failed to thrive, despite my often digging and re-planting them deeper.

This morning, a frost free one at last, found me gardening for an hour, pulling up masses of Forget-me-nots, a few weeds, some of that revolting pungent smelling wild garlic and leaving it looking this bare!

The remaining plants and shrubs are, on the right side at the back is a Lacecap Hydrangea, a Forsythia against the fence with a Viburnum tinus ‘Variegatum’ in front of it.
On the left side, the fence is clothed in a Passion flower, can be a nuisance by sending up offshoots in this bed but they’re easily removed.
There is a white Parahebe with a huge Hebe, Golden vatiegated.

Going back across to the right side is a Euonymous ‘Emerald ’n Gold’ with a Penstemon ‘Garnet’ to the right of it. A peach colour patio Rose has been with me for almost twenty years and shows no sign of dying off.The Meerkat family came from Mum’s garden and I don’t feel I can get rid of them!

Now that the Forget-me-nots have been removed I can see some Crocus foliage popping up around the brick edge, along with the Ophiopogon black grass, some Cyclamen, Hellebores and over to the front left, a Geranium phaeum ‘Blauwvoet’ which bears soft lilac flowers.

Now I know there was a Sorbaria sorbifolia sem in the middle, but it’s disappeared completely, very strange!

What to do now? That’s the question really, I like the idea of some Hebes as I have a few in other parts of the garden and they are so easy to maintain. I also love Pittosporums but they can grow far too big for this little raised bed. Grasses might be an option?

Oh, decisions, decisions! As I certainly have no plans to visit a garden centre or plant nursery while we are in Lockdown it gives me plenty of time to plan ahead.

Thanks for looking in and take care, keep safe everyone.

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it's good to clear out every now and again , done mine the same , it is looking great and will get even nicer during months and years to come

11 Jan, 2021


Happy New Year Shirley....... that’s the problem with plants they do grow don’t they?I took delivery of a lovely little Pittosporum a new dwarf variety..... which would be ideal in your new bed......

11 Jan, 2021


It’s an attractive little bed Shirley. Maybe Hackonechloa macra front right as it has the same cascading habit as the Opiophogon? Something pink (hellebore?) or purple (Salvia Amistad) in the middle? So many options .....

11 Jan, 2021


what a lovely area to contemplate. you must let us know what you do.

11 Jan, 2021


Looks like you’ve been out enjoying the slightly milder weather, Shirley! You’ve made fantastic use of the time too - a job well done. Bet you are feeling pleased to have had the chance to be out there!!!
It’s quite exciting starting a new project. So many ideas and lot of lovely plants to choose from. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to plant. Keep us posted. 😊

11 Jan, 2021


I can just imagine a Berberis...nana in there. So many varieties to choose from and all neat, easy care and attractive. I reckon your post will be striking a chord with many of us as anno domini starts to bite. Do show us what yo decide on in the end.

11 Jan, 2021


You've done quite a clear up there & I hope you can find some plants that you love & that will go great in there with the others. Looking forward to seeing what you eventually decide to put in there!

11 Jan, 2021


Good job Shirley. Is the bed in sunny location? I think some taller flowering plants would look nice by your shrubs, Iris , sedums, veronicas. Astilbe in the shadows.
Something pink or white and low around your Mondo grasses such as creeping phlox, perenial dianthus or
rhodohypoxis. So many choices.
You have lots of time to think about it and I am sure what ever you will plant will look lovely in summer.

11 Jan, 2021


Thanks Paul, you say all the right things!

Happy new year to you both, Dotty. Your dwarf Pittosporum sounds great, care to divulge the name please?

Sheila, thanks for those suggestions, I like them!

Sbg, will do. No gardening for me this morning as it rained overnight and is drizzling now, so the ground is soaked, grrr!

Thanks Kate, I felt so much better for that one hour of gardening and hope to do some more later, if the sun decides to appear.

Balcony, I have an idea to move a couple of plants from another part of the garden to this raised bed. We shall see . . .

Klahanie, this area faces East and receives sun from daybreak to about 2pm and is then in shade from the enormous Bay tree in the next garden. You have actually given me an idea re. Dianthus as I have a few in pots (gifted by a GoY member from Scotland) which would look great in between the black grass. Thanks for the idea . . . :o)

12 Jan, 2021


A good 'clear-out' in the garden feels as good as a good 'clear-out' in the house. Glad you feel better after the fresh air!
If groundcover is what you want then Veronica "Georgia Blue" is failsafe with me, and a small yellow ground cover wallflower I have had in all my gardens, no more than 4ins high with a great scent. Also, perennial geraniums 'Penny's Pink' and 'Magnificum' are good clumpers with attractive leaves. Also, not aggressive. All very easy maintenance.

12 Jan, 2021


You've done a good job of clearing the patch Shirley ,how about some tall trouble free grasses at the back to hide the fence ...

12 Jan, 2021


I like changing the borders every now and then Shirley but also need crowded borders to deter the fox who is still despite my efforts of gravel and slate , still finds room to dig! So infuriating!
Grasses would look nice in your raised bed .

12 Jan, 2021


Yorkslass, I left you out, sorry! Berberis I always think are too spiny/spiky and have never planted one.

Thanks Ange, I do have G. 'Magnificum which I love. Off to research some more . . .

Oh no Rose, your bloomin' Fox is still coming into your garden. I have just looked at some Grass varieties and most seem to want full sun all day which is a shame as this area is in shade from about 2pm . . . :o(

12 Jan, 2021


If you like grasses Shirley, have a look at Knoll Gardens ... good website with suggestions for all aspects. Plus my Anemthenale (Stipa arundinacea in old parlance) was so happy in shade that it seeded itself around 🙂.

12 Jan, 2021


Sheila, that will give me something to do while M watches footie! Thank you . . . :o)

12 Jan, 2021


You still have lots growing there Shirley, and small hebes might be a nice addition, they can usually look after themselves. Will you be replanting the forgetme nots somewhere else ? They can take over sometimes can't they ...

13 Jan, 2021


Hywel, that's just what I would like, things that can look after themselves! There are many more Forget-me-nots around the garden so I didn't replant any from that bed.

13 Jan, 2021


Shirley, you have been busy. I like Hebe's too. Colour all year round and they don't need too much work.
I'm very guilty of buying plants and forgetting how big they may grow. Right now, it's very early in the year so I would be tempted to perhaps leave things and fill in the gaps with bedding plants in the late spring. Instant impact and not too much work. :-))

14 Jan, 2021


We have a dry day here with a frost and maximum temp. of 4 degrees by noon. Hmm, not sure if I want to garden today! Hebes are on my 'to research' list ... :o)

15 Jan, 2021


I think you have made an excellent job of clearing that bed and I know that it will do well.
You have some nice sized gaps to pop things into and then you can keep an eye on everything to make sure it doesn't outgrow its new space.
We have plants that suddenly take over in the garden and must be more careful what we choose.
We have too many forget-me-nots and I must pull some of them up!!
Do let us see it later on in the year.

15 Jan, 2021


Chris, you cannot believe the amount of Forget-me-nots I have pulled up . . . but I don't worry about losing them as they reappear year upon year.

I am looking almost daily now at plants to fill those gaps . . . there is simply far too much choice though!

We just got in from a half walk locally . . . sunny and dry so the garden beckons later in the day . . . :o)

17 Jan, 2021


It is hard deciding just what to plant,after a makeover,Shirley,and I think we all have those thoughts, but it's still nice to plan.If we planted everything we bought,in a suitable place,what would we find to do ?? Speaking from personal experience,of course. ! A bit of a cop out on my part ,as I'can't think of any to suggest. Lol.xx.

17 Jan, 2021


Sandra, I just read my comment above yours and should have said it was a half an hour walk . . . not a half walk!!

Also, now that I have pulled up even more Forget-me-nots the ground in other areas looks bare. I've created a lot of work for myself now . . . :o(

18 Jan, 2021


Lol.thought you meant you had been hopping, ! ha ha.(not really )
No different from the rest of us ,Shirley,Martyrs to the cause,it seems. I can understand that ! :o) xx

18 Jan, 2021

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