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A sad Bank Holiday weekend


It is with great sadness that I write to say our feline friend, Megan, passed away over the weekend.

She came to us aged four, when a friend passed away, leaving her family with one dog and three cats to be homed.

Megan lived happily with us for fourteen years and had reached the grand old age of eighteen!

She outlived the dog and the other two cats and brought us tremendous pleasure as she had such a lovely nature.

Please indulge me showing some photos of her, firstly, trying to be my garden helper …

Looking for a mouse under the snow …

Enjoying the warmth of the sun, something she loved very much …

and sitting waiting for the birds!

Megan brought a lot of happiness to us with her character, occasionally had to be brought down from a Cordyline tree when she had climbed too far and always knew when it was her meal time.

We always wondered where she hid her watch, as she would regularly appear about ten minutes before food.

So, farewell Megan, we loved knowing you.

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That's sad, I remember when you first joined GoY your forum name was 'Megan'
It was good that you could give her a home, she brought you a lot of joy ... and it was always nice to see photos of her.
You'll find it strange for a long time now Shirley, our friends leave a big hole in our lives after they've gone.

31 Aug, 2021


What a sad loss for you, Shirley. They steal bits of our hearts away with their passing. Megan was such a dear companion and was obviously living the good life with you.

31 Aug, 2021


Hywel, well remembered! Yes, I was Megan75, rather stupid of me really but that was back in 2010 when I wasn't very computer savvy (not too great now!) and it was the first name to enter my head.

I am already missing seeing her sleeping on her favourite blanket, or on my chair in the little sunhouse . . . :o(

31 Aug, 2021


Anget, she really was a loving cat, not that you'd know it with her often 'serious' face!

31 Aug, 2021


A good puss. I'm sure that lots of us will have enjoyed seeing photos of her over the years as she helped with the gardening. Wishing you comfort and many happy memories.

31 Aug, 2021


Oh,Shirley,I'm so sorry to hear your lovely Megan has passed away, but she has had a fantastic life with you both,hasn't she? ,She seems like she slipped away peacefully ,in the home she loved, so you couldn't have wished for a more fitting departure for her..

Now for my favourite recollection of one of her antics,from a few years ago ! Lol
Remember when she pinched a sausage from your Kitchen work top ??? Oh,that was so funny,the little devil :o)
Anyway Shirley, she has left you and Michael. with some lovely memories. x.
I have added a 'like' for the lovely photo's xx

31 Aug, 2021


Thank you for your kind words, Sue.

Sandra, fancy you remembering that incident where I had left 3 grilled sausages to cool on the worktop. Some while later, I asked Michael when he had eaten one of them as only 2 remained on the plate! It was when he said "Not me" we both fell about laughing ... little Megan had jumped up, probably dragged it off the plate and taken it outdoors to eat. So funny, and thank you for that memory . . . :o) x

31 Aug, 2021


It's always stuck in my mind,Shirley Lol,and I can just picture her licking her lips, out of sight in the garden :o) xx

31 Aug, 2021


Shirley- so sorry to hear about Megan passing away. She sure had a good life living it up to 18! Think about all the lovely memories and love she shared with you. My thoughts are with you. 😻

31 Aug, 2021


Thanks for your PM,Shirley,I've replied .xx

31 Aug, 2021


Aww sorry to hear this :-(

31 Aug, 2021


Thank you Ams, I have just told a good friend of mine, who tells me one of her two cats is 19 . . . amazing! It must be something in the sea air down here . . . :o)

Daylily, many thanks for looking in.

Yes, Paul, we have many of those great memories.

31 Aug, 2021


Oh Shirley, I am so very sad to hear this news. Poor little Megan..she was a lovely, interesting cat. She’ll be sorely missed by you and your family. The pics you’ve posed are really smashing too! I just love the one of her on the bench!
I remember you posting the pic of her after a taster/sniff of catmint!!!! She was lying on a path in the garden! Another great pic of her! As Ange said, they steal our hearts…
Sending my love and condolences.
Thinking of you and Megan x

1 Sep, 2021


sorry to hear about Megan. She has certainly been a big part of your gardening and family life.

1 Sep, 2021


I am really sorry to hear about Megan ,Shirley! I imagine you had many happy hours with her. I love the pictures you posted and she looked so innocent , but probably wasn't!
I still miss our two cats Mickey and Minnie when we lived in Willow Cottage so know how sad you must be feeling now.
But you have a lot of happy memories too!

1 Sep, 2021


Aw, I’m so sorry Shirley. You will certainly miss her for a long time, but I just hope that those happy memories will help with your grief.

1 Sep, 2021


Kate, that photo of her looking 'spaced out' still makes me laugh!

Thanks Julia, Sbg, Rose and Sheila - I have kept myself busy but can't help thinking of her.

1 Sep, 2021


Oh dear Shirley that is such sad news about your beautiful cat who lived to such a wonderful age.
You must be feeling sad, but remember the loving care you have given her for many years and the joy she has brought you in return.

1 Sep, 2021


Chris, I have just put a photo of her in a frame so I can see her whilst I'm at the computer . . . :o)

Thank you K, she was indeed a lovely cat, definitely a 'one-off'!

1 Sep, 2021


Just read of your sad loss, Shirley. However she lived to a great age & had a good life with you. A blog of mine on the 25th April 2017 is a poem To My Cat, by a Rev. Potter. You might care to read it. She has found her way home & wmuill be much missed by you, so thinking of you at present. My cat is now in her 16th year & I wonder often how long I will have her. Another 2 years, I hope. I ticked like because of the lovely photos of Megan.

1 Sep, 2021


Thank you Josie, I just read your blog with the poem, lovely and so poignant.

2 Sep, 2021


Oh dear Shirely, I'm so sorry to read that Megan has passed on, she was a beautiful cat and so much one of the family. Our pets have an uncanny way of worming their way into our hearts. Megan was just my favourite type of cat. I love tabbies, they are fantastic characters, we've had three in the past.
She obviously had a good life with you, as the photos prove and I'm sure she's still with you in spirit. xx

2 Sep, 2021


Thanks Julia, I think it is going to take me, and Michael, quite some time to get used to not having her around . . . :o(

2 Sep, 2021


such a beauty and so sad for you, hope you enjoy her memory as much as you did her.

3 Sep, 2021


So sorry for your loss, Shirley. 😞 We had 7 little dogs who all died within the same year. The first to go was also the youngest when his lungs filled up with liquid & he died in my wife's arms while we were at the vets while she was getting ready. The vet was able to revive him as we were in the surgery but she told us he probably wouldn't live for more than a day or two at most. So I had to decide there & then to have him put to sleep! 😭 I was telling my granddaughter about him just yesterday, how he would often jump up on the back of my armchair & fall asleep on my shoulders! Just like a big cat!

You will miss your feline friend for quite some while but you will always have good memories of her. As well as the photo in front of your computer!

3 Sep, 2021


I’m sorry you’ve lost Megan. You will think you hear her often I’m sure for quite a while. You have some lovely photos and special memories of her.

3 Sep, 2021


Denise, thanks for your comment. I remember only too well when your lovely Guy passed away . . . :o(

David, that must have been a dreadful year for you and your family.

Thanks, Hb, I was out deadheading the flowers earlier and really expected her to pop up beside me!

4 Sep, 2021


Shirley I'm so very sorry, Megan will be sadly missed, she was so much a part of you and featured in many blogs over the years, I remember you first joining as Megan, not sure whether you remember but we had Tipsy, sadly we lost her a few years back, could easily have been Megan's sister, they were so alike, its sad when we lose them as they become part of the family but she'll never be forgotten, you'll picture her often in the garden as treasured memories come to mind, xxx. Gave you a like because she was beautiful...

4 Sep, 2021


Oh Sue, thank you so much for your lovely words and, you're right, I do picture her an awful lot. I remember Tipsy very well, such a likeness to Megan.

We have spent the day with our daughter today and she was getting tearful at the loss of Megan - amazing how an animal can affect us humans so much!

5 Sep, 2021


So sorry to hear that shirley i know what it's like to lose a beloved pet, Megan was so much like Stripes which we lost a few years ago, there so much part of the family.
Lovely pictures of her =^. .^=

7 Sep, 2021


Thank you, Stripes.

8 Sep, 2021

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