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Seaside stroll before the rain


The weather is so changeable at the moment, sunshine one minute, heavy rain the next so we opted to take a chance and drove over to just East of Bognor Regis this morning.

There is a small car park almost hidden away by some beach huts and only one car today, too blustery for any sane folk to be walking by the sea!

A few houses are nearby and the back garden fence of one was smothered in Roses and Clematis … they obviously cope well with the salt laden winds.

Looking at this tree, it’s clearly shaped by the strong seaside winds.

Not surprisingly there were a very few brave souls about as the wind was blowing strongly … I loved it though!

The Cormorants were out and about… many sitting two by two!

Tamarisk used as hedging is quite a common sight along the South coast.

We noticed the promenade lighting is now solar powered … not much chance of that today.

Here is a lovely dark Clematis coping with the salty wind.

In the gardens of a restaurant is possibly the biggest Hebe I have seen for a while … smothered in Bees.

Time to head back to the car as the storm clouds were gathering.

The sea defence rocks are now covered in seaweed and/or algae.

So glad we took this walk earlier as there have been downpours of heavy rain since we returned.

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You were brave Shirley walking in that strong wind!
I don't like the wind!
All the flowers from the gardens were lovely , especially the roses and clematis!

8 Jun, 2022


What great photos Shirley and I'm so glad you felt up to being out and about even if it was windy. I'm like you, I don't mind the wind if it's otherwise fine.

8 Jun, 2022


Interesting photos Shirley_ tulip. Described the moment very well. Thanks for sharing.
If there is anything I dislike more than rain or snow is the wind.

8 Jun, 2022


Ha! I love seaside winds, must be a result of all those bracing early Autumn hols with my g'parents to Blackpool decades ago. The promenade walks could have you practically horizontal. Happy days.
Anyway, thank you for allowing us to accompany you on your floriferous walk this pm. It's interesting to see what thrives in those conditions. I'm surprised to see clematis doing so well.

8 Jun, 2022


I can almost feel the wind in some of your photos! I have noticed before that roses in seaside places seem to do particularly well.
Lovely pictures:-)

8 Jun, 2022


Rose, if you put wind and rain together I stay at home!

Julia, I was desperate to walk by the sea and was so glad the rain held off for us.

Klahanie, thank you so much for your comment.

Anget, I was born and bred in a little seaside village, learned to swim in the English Channel and always thought that's why I deplored living in Chesterfield in Derbyshire for a year or so, so far from the sea!

Thanks Chris, there were so many senses being 'hit' on that walk, the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves rolling in, just bliss for me!

8 Jun, 2022


A proper seaside walk NEEDS wind and rain … so bracing! I always enjoy crashing breakers too 🙂. Thanks for sharing your walk, Shirley.

8 Jun, 2022


What an interesting walk.Thanks Shirley for telling it...I wonder how much roadside lighting has been changed to solar power...a good idea.

8 Jun, 2022


I can smell the sea, love it. Miss the sea in all her guises as I grew up 5 mins walk from the beach [Seaburn] in Sunderland.
thankyou for taking me on your walk Shirley.

9 Jun, 2022


What a lovely blog! We spent some very happy holidays on that beach (well actually the one on the West side of Bognor and I have a photo of my sister and me in the sea floating in a large inner tube just by a breakwater exactly like that one. And the tamarisks - we'd never seen any before. That was a great nostalgia trip - thank you very much!

9 Jun, 2022


Sheila, I'm with you on the crashing breakers, not so the wind ... o))

Julia, I wondered about the solar powered lighting too.

Eileen, I had a feeling you would like these photos of the sea! Growing up close to the sea just stays with you, no matter where you live.

Stera, I wonder if you were on holiday in Pagham or Aldwick?

9 Jun, 2022


Though I like to see the sea I'm not particularly enamoured by the strong winds, especially if they are cold ones!

We went 2 years in a row to G.Yarmouth when our daughter & family went there. We haven't been back since the pandemic started though my wife is nostalgic for the room we occupied in the same B&B the 2 years we went & would like to go back. In fact I nearly booked it again last year but in the end our daughter wasn't able to go & we also thought it wiser not to as well.

Curious to see what plants do well at the seaside! Your pictures are great! thanks for showing us!

9 Jun, 2022


David, I haven't visited Great Yarmouth since our children were pre-school, many years ago! It must have been a lovely room at the B&B for your wife to wish to return ... :o)

10 Jun, 2022


Shirley,t. Thank you for sharing your trip to Bognor, much appreciated. “ didn’t we have a luverly time the day we went to Bognor” ? Remember that old song?

10 Jun, 2022


Josie, I think it was Bangor!! Weirdly, friends of ours moved from Bognor to Bangor (N. Ireland) a couple of years ago ... :o)

12 Jun, 2022


Lovely to join you on your day out, Shirley. I do love the seaside - even on a not so summery warm day. You’ve captured the ‘dramatic’ well. The hebe is certainly a very large specimen! Must like it’s spot near to the shore!
The wind is one weather I loathe too - it’s the destruction it causes, plus it’s a pain when you’re out in the garden trying to get some gardening done! I’ve just been up to Ayrshire to visit my parents and family, I was lucky to have smashing weather at the coast for several days. The Isle of Arran always looks picturesque in the sunshine.

13 Jun, 2022


Kate, thanks for looking in. I detest wind and rain together but don't mind the wind on a dry day! How lovely to have had good weather on your break away ... :o)

14 Jun, 2022


I never knew it was Bangor! I suppose being this end of the country I was bound to think it was Bognor. Ty for putting me right :-)

16 Jun, 2022


Josie, apparently there are two Bangors ... one in Wales and the other in N. Ireland ... how very confusing!

16 Jun, 2022

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