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Another visit to Nymans Gardens


I have posted blogs over the years of this National Trust building and gardens, please join me on a dry, sunny day where the temperature reached 14, yes 14, degrees!

The drive took 45 minutes today, we arrived at 10.30 and started off with a Latte each, just a shame when you ask for ‘extra hot’ that the drinks are still not hot enough.

Following the disappointing coffee, things steadily improved as the sun was shining, the birds were singing from the treetops and the air was so fresh … bliss.

There are many photos so I suggest you go and get a drink, put your feet up and enjoy the tour. Hopefully there is something for everyone in these gardens.

Prunus incisa Kojo-no-mai

Such a shame the Box has signs of the disease.
This tree looked lovely with so much moss over it and the Crocus were so pretty.

Now we have arrived at one side of the ruin of the house which was severely damaged by fire in 1947.*

We walked across the soggy grass and were pleased to see the Monkey Puzzle tree is growing well.

This gives us a view of the front of the ruined house where the Jackdaws have taken up residence!

Another area not accessible to the public at the moment for this reason …

Fabulous setting for a wedding though.
Walking on we were delighted to see these trees.

Another view of the ruin before we continue our tour.

We are now in sight of the fabulous Wisteria walkway, although it looks very bleak at the moment. The sign reveals why … enlarge photo to read it!

It will look stunning when the work is completed.

Moving on to a much more shaded part of the garden where some lovely Ferns, Rhododendrons and Hellebores are to be found. Only recently I found my one and only Fern has died so seeing these Ferns was just a mockery, ha ha!

Some plants that do thrive in my garden, let’s not talk about Ferns, are the Black grass and the Narcissus.

It appeared that volunteer gardeners were doing some weeding, not a kneeler in sight!

They clearly have weeded the opposite border as it was looking so good.

Workmen were busy with pruning trees so no access to the public today.

Not to worry, we diverted along another path.

Not only were the birds singing as we walked around, a Red Admiral butterfly landed on an Edgworthia chrysantha flower and a Hoverfly took a liking to this pretty Rhododendron.

Is it time for you to refill your mug or glass yet? We still haven’t finished walking around these gardens!
Here are some more fine plants and flowers.

Rhododendron pachysanthum was stunning!

Nymans have a second hand book shop and across from that is a resident artist. We loved these works but they were too expensive for us to buy today!

Now we leave the gardens to enter the plant sales area and you will be surprised to know I purchased absolutely nothing! Tempted, but restrained!

We hope to return to Nymans in a couple of months as the season changes what will be in bloom.

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Julia, as we are National Trust members it is free admission, but it would cost for an adult £18 or £19.80 with Gift Aid. The two Lattes were £7.20, but as I said they were not hot enough!!
We found a new place for lunch on the drive back ... a bacon and brie toastie hit the spot for me ... :o)

14 Mar, 2024


A lovely place to visit, I enjoyed my cuppa while walking around with you Shirley :)

15 Mar, 2024


Fab blog and smashing pics too, Shirley!! I enjoyed 'my' visit this morning ;-D
Such a beautiful place to visit and take in the abundance of Spring blooms and colour - not to mention all the architectural evergreens too!!!
It looks like a real haven for wildlife and gardeners alike! I can't choose a favourite flower pic to be honest - they are all pretty perfect! Thank you for sharing your lovely day out!!

15 Mar, 2024


Well, as it happened Shirley, I was just having a cuppa when I put your blog on.
I really loved it and I imagine you must have spent most of the day there!
I could make a long list of everything I liked , but will just saying it was all amazing!
Thank you for sharing. It must have taken quite a while to put the photos on here.

15 Mar, 2024


I've really enjoyed spending time there with you Shirley! Smashing photos of everything, I especially love the painted mistle thrushes, I can imagine the prices...Thanks for the lovely tour..:))

15 Mar, 2024


Superb buildings in those beautiful grounds. What a fabulous place to spend a day. It is so lovely in the springtime so please show us summer Shirley!!

15 Mar, 2024


Lovely photos, Shirley. We stopped our NT membership 2 years ago after many decades of support.

15 Mar, 2024


What a lovely blog Shirley. I’m so impressed by your restraint in the sales area. I guess pergolas always rot in the end. It’s a pity isn’t it. I’m sure they will be able to restore it. I love that striking golden bamboo! It is a lovely time of year with all the rhododendrons in bloom. Sorry about your fern. It must be too dry at your place. You should move to Dorset…no such problems here! lol!

15 Mar, 2024


WOW! Shirley, that was a wonderful tour! 👍I really loved seeing all those flowers as well as the trees! Lucky you to catch a butterfly & a hover fly in the same shot! A couple of days ago I saw a bee on my flowers on the balcony but, a part from some BIG flies - I haven't see any other insects flying around yet.

15 Mar, 2024


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. We were there for about 2 hours and I took a ridiculous amount of photos! It took me ages to cull them down for this blog.

The lovely artwork prices were £175 for the rectangular ones I showed and £250 upwards for the larger ones.

We have retained our N.T. membership but discontinued the RHS one.

16 Mar, 2024


Shirley I really enjoyed my tour with you, it looks a fabulous place to visit, sadly too far for us so appreciate you sharing your day, I cannot believe you were able to resist buying a little something, we are members of NT and EH, both gift shops can be very expensive so now I always go home with a plant even if its only a succulent or cactus....Lovely photo's and blog , I'm click crazy when I have my camera, must have took you an age to do Shirley..xx

18 Mar, 2024


Really looks like an amazing place to visit, some lovely photographs there, have put it on my places to try and visit this year, will have a look at my daughter's national trust membership, see what it includes. Going to the flower show at tatton park in July then of to rhs bridgewater the following day as it is close, so looking forward to that.

18 Mar, 2024


Sue, thanks for looking in on this blog. We shall return to see the Roses later in the year.

I didn't buy any new plants as I am struggling to find space in my garden for the plants I overwintered in pots, two Fuchsias, 3 Salvias and some new Alstroemerias! Why I bought packets of seeds to sow in April is beyond me ... :o)

18 Mar, 2024


Davey, I like the sound of your planned visits to Tatton Park and Bridgewater later in the year ... looking forward to reading about them.

18 Mar, 2024


Thanks for posting your day at Nymans. It must have taken you a long time to do & we all appreciate that. I am still in bed 7 25am, so it was a nice start to my day. So much lovely blossom around at present. A wonderful time of year ( when it’s not raining)!

19 Mar, 2024


Josie, I enjoyed looking through the photos to put on and time just flew past really! We have rain yet again today ... :o(

19 Mar, 2024


Like Rose, I had made myself a cuppa just before logging in here and had a very enjoyable coffee break looking at your photos. What a fabulous place Nymans is at any time of the year but so inspiring in Spring. I'm not sure I could have been so self controlled as you, Shirley, a potted plant or two would likely have travelled home with me, lol. Thank you for taking the time to share so many of your photos, as Feverfew said, viewing them has been a lovely start to the day.

21 Mar, 2024


Xela, thankyou so much for your kind words, glad you enjoyed the blog.

21 Mar, 2024

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