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Grasses For A Wildflower Meadow (Wild Grass Plug Plant Collection)

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Grasses for a wildflower meadow (wild grass plug plant collection)

Grasses For A Wildflower Meadow (Wild Grass Plug Plant Collection)


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This wonderful collection of 13 varieties of wild grass plug plants will arrive in a tray of 104 plants. This will cover an area of approximately 21m², planting 5 plants per 1m².The plugs are young plants, not seedlings, and cost just over 64 pence each. Each individual plug's root volume is approximately 55ccs, with a diameter of 36mm and a depth of 60mm. The top growth will depend on the variety and the time of year. Below is what you can expect in your collection, depending on availability.Meadow Foxtail, Alopecurus pratensis - 60-120cm tall
Marram Grass, Ammophila arenaria - rhizomatous perennial
Sweet Vernal Grass, Anthoxanthum odoratum - yellow-green grass 30-45cm tall
Quaking Grass, Briza media - 30cm tall with quaking seedheads all summer
Green-ribbed Sage, Carex binervis - creeping perennial that flowers in May-June
White Sedge, Carex curta - 50cm tall at flowering
Starved Wood Sedge, Carex depauperata - 30-100cm tall flowering stems and yellow-green leaves
Glaucous Sedge, Carex flacca - 10-40cm tall creeping sedge
Carnation Sedge, Carex panicea - 10-40cm tall with brown-purple flowers
Pendulous Sedge, Carex pendula - 100-150cm tall with cat's tail like flowers
Flea Sedge
Cyperus Sedge, Carex pseudocyperus - 90-100cm tall perennial sedge
Wood Sedge, Carex sylvatica - bright green perennial with 45cm flowerspikes
Long Stalked Yellow Sedge, Carex viridula - bright yellow-green leaves and lighter yellow flowers
Crested Dog's Tail, Cynosurus cristatus - 75cm tall tufted perennial
Tufted Hair Grass, Deschampsia cespitosa - 150-200cm tall at flowering
Sea Couch, Elytrigia atherica - 100cm tall with glaucous leaves
Tall Fescue, Festuca arundinacea - 120-200cm tall with 45cm long flower panicles
Sheep's Fescue, Festuca ovina - 25cm tall with slightly glaucous leaves
Red Fescue, Festuca rubra - 75-100cm tall flowering in June to August
Meadow Oat Grass, Helictotrichon pratense - tufted grass 80cm tall when flowering
Jointed Rush, Juncus articulatus - 20-80cm erect or spreading grass with glossy green leaves
Bulbous Rush, Juncus bulbosus - remains green all year and produces brown flowers May-August
Soft Rush, Juncus effusus - 60-120cm tall densely tufted perennial
Field Woodrush, Luzula campestris - 10-20cm tall flowering rush
Southern Woodrush, Luzula fosteri - tufted perennial with brown-green flowers
Woodrush, Luzula sylvatica - 30-40cm large tussocks of strap-like leaves
Matt Grass, Nardus stricta - 40-60cm densely tufted, wiry grass
Small Timothy, Phleum bertolonii - 45cm tall and flowers June-July
Common Reed, Phragmites australis - can grow to 350cm tall
Rough Meadow Grass, Poa trivialis - 60-80cm tall with rough leaves and stems
Reflexed Poa, Puccinellia distans - 15-60cm tall perennial forming dense tufts
Sea Arrow Grass, Triglochin maritima - 15-60cm tall, clump forming grass
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