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Adult Crytolaemus For Killing Mealybugs

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Adult Crytolaemus for killing  mealybugs

Adult Crytolaemus For Killing Mealybugs


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For glasshouses or conservatories only Mealybugs cause damage to many plants. They are soft bodied insects and are covered in a white waxy material, it is because of this appearance that they get their name, mealybugs. There are different species which can be distinguished by the length of their tail filaments but they are all oval shaped. The most common species are the citrus mealybug, glasshouse mealybug and long tailed mealybug. Nymphs and female adults cause damage. Most feed on higher parts of plants but some extract food from roots. Biological control of mealybug is with the predatory beetle, Cryptolaemus. The adults and larvae of these beetles eat the mealybug completely. The larvae are similar in appearance to the mealybug so be careful not to remove! The beetle should be introduced once the mealybug are observed and a second treatment applied later to ensure the number of predators is high enough to compete with the mealybug population. How to use Crytolaemus: Cryptolaemus require a minimum temperature of 16°C They establish better in longer, brighter days. Cryptolaemus adults should be released from their bottles away from open windows or frames. They are attracted to light and could fly out!

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