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Encarsia Formosa For Killing Whitefly

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Encarsia formosa for killing whitefly

Encarsia Formosa For Killing Whitefly


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For glasshouses and conservatories only Greenhouse whitefly is one of the most serious pests of vegetable and ornamental crops. The adult and larvae of whitefly suck or extract food from plants. Whilst doing this they secrete a honeydew which leaves a sticky residue on the plants. This can stunt growth and soil fruits and in some cases the whitefly can transmit plant viruses. The biological control for whitefly is the parasitic wasp, Encarsia formosa. These minute little wasp's parasitise the whitefly pupae . This turns the pupae black after a period of about 10-14 days depending on temperature. From these pupae will emerge Encarsia formosa instead of whitefly therefore controlling them . One wasp in the right conditions can parasitise up to 150 whitefly scales . These wasps are harmless to all other insects and animals For effective control, regular introductions should be carried out. How to apply Encarsia: Encarsia is only suitable for glasshouses and conservatories The Encarsia pack should only be opened in the area they are going to be used in. They are supplied as pupae on cards joined in a strip. These cards should be separated and hung on plants throughout the glasshouse or conservatory. Encarsia cards should not be hung directly in the sunlight.Encarsia needs a 24 hour average temperature in the glasshouse of at least 17°C

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