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Lacewing Larvae To Eat Your Aphids

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Lacewing larvae to eat your aphids

Lacewing Larvae To Eat Your Aphids


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Our aphid killer is supplied as a unit of 100 lacewing larvae, which will then go onto develop into lacewing adults (Chrysoperla carnea). The larval stage of the lacewing is a very effective predator of greenfly / aphids. They can be used against greenfly or aphids on many differe nt crops and plants but are more effective on lower growing plants or crops. Lacewing larvae will also feed on other pests such as Thrips, Red Spider mite and moth eggs. 'Aphid Killer' can be used glasshouses or conservatories and outside in the garden if the temperature is above 12°C The larval stage of the lacewing can eat up to 50 greenfly of aphids a day! Adult lacewings lay their eggs in the spring and produce about 20 eggs per day. Eggs are laid on the underside of leaves, these then develop into the various larval stages of the lacewing before turning into adults. The adults do not feed on aphids but on nectar, honeydew and pollen. It is difficult to get lacewings to reproduce in the area applied so repeat applications maybe required if fresh greenfly or aphid populations appear. How to apply our Aphid killer: 1) Order and apply only when you already have aphids or greenfly. 2) Introduce indoors or outdoors once the temperature is above +12C. 3) Introduce and apply the lacewings larvae as soon as you can after receipt of the product. 4) Apply the insects directly to the areas where the greenfly or aphids are. 5) Simply open the bottle and shake the contents over the infected area allowing the larvae to move into the aphid colonies immediately. 6) The amount of Lacewing larvae required depends on the number of greenfly or aphids. A general recommendation would be 5 larvae per plant. 7) Large numbers of ants can prevent the effectiveness of lacewing larvae . Treat the ants with a fatty acid based product prior to using Lacewing if ants are present.

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