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Im so very Impatient!


So, I went away on Thursday for a little overnight trip up north. I was worried about watering the Plants but they did fine. But for some reason I was expecting to see wonderfull chages…lol. Of course there were not any obvious huge once! I am so impatient…lol. But my Tomato’s are flourishing,my Fuchias are going to show Bloom any day (I can see the buds already), The hanging Basket is doing fine. Just the Clematis, as I expected is not looking well. It hasn’t grown/changed or anything. Admittedly it hasn’t dyed yet either. But what it does have is this….

Clematis Wilt? Or just sunburn?I tryed to find something on my Friend Google but all I could find on there does not look anything like the Leaves on my Piilu. Good job it was only £1.79. At that price it was well worth a try. And if it doesn’t work I shall try again next year…but I am just so impatient!!!!!

ETA: I spoke to OH’s Dad, he recons it had to much Water and when I replanted I must have got the leaves wet and they may well have burned. But since there are shoots at the Top he said I shouldn’t worry to much and just keep at it:) Thank you all for the comments and advice…I love this place…lol

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I don't know what it is, but I'd cut those leaves off just incase it's a disease. That way you may stop it from spreading. Burn them if you can. Better be safe than sorry :o)
I hope someone can tell you what it is.

26 Jun, 2010


I agree with the advice given by Hywel. I do not recognise it either but it is a good rule of thumb to cut off and burn if possible anything you suspect is not supposed to be on your plant. If leaves have fallen off already pick them up and dispose of them too. Overwatering and overfeeding can be problems for clematis so that could be a problem.

26 Jun, 2010


Me too SH! I always want things to grow quicker than they do!

It doesn't look like wilt as the leaves are still strong & standing up for themselves ... it may be a fungus. Put 'brown patches on clematis leaves' into Google & click on 'solving clematis problems' ... that gives some info. :o)

27 Jun, 2010


Not clematis wilt - the whole plant would have collapsed with that. Agree with the advice above.

27 Jun, 2010


Have you overwatered it? It looks a bit like rot to me. Stalks look a tell tale brown. Jx

28 Jun, 2010

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