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New daylilies


By simbad


Well I’ve had a busy day today clearing all the dead foliage from the daylily bed, and planning yet another extension, summer seems so long ago, got me looking through my pictures of all my new varieties that flowered for the first time this year, know a lot of you have already seen these pictures, but for those of you who haven’t:-)
All American Tiger

Carrick Wildon

Cathys Sunset

‘Destined to See’, Bought this as a really small fan 3 years ago, worth the wait though.

Edge of Darkness, love this one

Forty Second Street, this is a double flowered one as next picture shows but earlier flowers can be single, at one point had both single and double flowers on this one.

‘Free Wheelin’, huge flowers on this, really fabulous and flowered for ages.

‘Fushcia Fashion’,although this isn’t a new one, had it around 4 years, it does take a while to ‘settle’ and this is the first year its really been fushcia.

‘Jellyfish Jealousy’,wanted this one for ages so when I saw it on ebay just had to have it, paid more than I should, but we’ll not go into that,lol.

‘Judge Roy Bean’,named after Judge Roy Bean, the hanging judge, because of the way the petals hang.

‘Lady Neva’

‘Lake Effect’, bought some unamed seedlings on ebay and what a stroke of luck this one had a label and was a named variety,bargain,20 plants for £10, all in 1 and 2 litre pots, would have paid that for this one alone:-)

‘Magnificent Rainbow’, this one isn’t quite what I expected, but have been assured by supplier it is ‘right’, know a lot of varieties don’t show there true colours in this country as we don’t have the hot summers that some varieties need to do so.

‘Miss Jessie’

‘Slipped my Disco’

‘Starman Quest’, now this one has got to be my favourite.

‘Third Witch’,or maybe this one, oh just can’t decide, loved this one so much though bought ‘Grey Witch’ and ‘Brown Witch’ this year.

UFO’,really unusual colouring on this one, haven’t seen one quite like it.

‘Swirling Water’, although an older variety just as good as newer ones in the same colour range.

‘Wilson Spider’

‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ fabulous one just never stopped flowering all summer, still has a few buds on now, don’t know if they’ll open.

‘All American Baby’,lovely little mini, flowers only 3 inch across but very pretty eyezone.

‘Diane Taylor’, don’t have many doubles, although they are growing on me, so bought a few more this year :-)

‘Startle’ should have quite a heavy gold edge, but only been planted around a month when it flowered so should be better next year.

‘Wide Eye Bayou’, bought from my favourite seller on ebay who kindly sent me 2 plants of this, love it.

‘Watchyl Dancing Spider’, and last but not least my biggest spider, flowering for the first time after 2 year wait, the flowers are 13inch across, and boy was it covered in flowers, amazing.

And here’s a picture of the daylily bed in full flower, took me over half an hour every day to dead head this lot :-)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, roll on next summer when all the newbies bought this year flower for the first time, can’t wait :-)

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Beautiful, as you know I love them, would fill our garden with them if we had the room, some of your text has been crossed out? did you know?.............Stunning pictures Simbad.

7 Nov, 2010


Tremendous variety - how can you have favourites?? Still love Lake Effect and Destined to See is faaabbbuuulllooous!
Also liked All American Tiger even tho the colouring not my fav..but a stunner non the less.
Hurry up and breed something special..would love to say "my friend the day lily breeder, she's famous you know"!! lol.

Still, Ive met Starcraft, Daylami, Golan and Kings Chapel as well as ridden in Frankie Dettori's car. Lulu will understand...but I'll never make a big name dropper!

Next stop National Collection?

7 Nov, 2010


There are so many different ones. It's amazing. I have one that was given to me by a GoY member last year. It never flowered. I hope it will next year.
The ones you have are beautiful, and I like the pale mauve/creamy ones best :o)

7 Nov, 2010


Thanks DD, don't know whats going on with the text, just redone it and still some crossed out,will try again in a minute, remembered a couple more so just added them on, didn't realise just how many new ones flowered this year:-)
Must admit my favourites change from day to day in summer Tetrarch, yes everyone loves 'Destined to See' it is a stunner, will have to have a go at breeding some next year, now I have so many to cross pollinate should get something interesting, just been reading up on it in my book, must make a note which are tetraploid and which are diploid as you can't cross the 2, different amount of chromosones so they won't produce seed.
Yes the empty plot of land next door waiting to be built on is looking tempting:-)
Thanks Hywel, remember you like the paler ones, hope yours flowers next year, some do take a little longer than others to get going, also planting too deeply can stop flowering, just level with the crown of the plant is best:-) look forward to seeing pictures of yours.

7 Nov, 2010


Loved this blog Simbad....Thanks for showing your great collection again.....I love them all.....'wilson spider' and slipped my disco' are special favourites....:>)

7 Nov, 2010


Thanks for the planting advice. I'll try and repot them properly for next year.

7 Nov, 2010


That's a beautiful collectiom Simbad, would be hard pressed to pick a favoourite but luckily you have them all to enjoy. What a lovely picture they make all flowering together.

7 Nov, 2010


fabulous photos ~ for me the 'slipped my disco' 'swirling water' and 'wilson spider' were the favourites. thank you

7 Nov, 2010


Thanks Motinot, and Stickitoffee, good taste there girls 'Wilson Spider' is a an award winner and 'Slipped my Disco' is an amazing colour:-)
Have them in the borders too Bellflower but do think they look lovely in a bed of their own, can't believe I only planted this bed in spring 2009, they've filled out so much, extended it a couple of times already:-)

7 Nov, 2010


Loved your photos and blog.

7 Nov, 2010


are there any varieties of these that dont mind shade? they are lovely but i fear they wont do so well in my shady woodland garden??

7 Nov, 2010


never get tired of seeing your pictures Simbad, so pleased you have put them on, enjoyed your blog very much

7 Nov, 2010


What a fab blog! Lots of ones I want to buy.
The only trouble is, my plant list for next year has just doubled and I don't have the room.......

7 Nov, 2010


Nor do I - I'd love to grow some more. I think that 'Edge of Darkness' is probably my favourite. :-))

They've all got something special, though.

7 Nov, 2010


If I take up one of the paths I might have the room for some daylilies. Then again, if I take up the path, I might not be in a fit state to plant anything at all! Looks like I am going to have to have another re-vamp.

7 Nov, 2010


at this rate we will all be taking down a part of the house ~ what is the opposite of an extension? ~ to house all the plants!?
greenhouses instead of houses?

7 Nov, 2010


Reading this has just made my day!!! I love those plants, and their 1000s of fantastic variety names. Have a couple, and used to have more, but there is no soil or borders in my present garden. Am enjoying them, vicariously, however, due, largely, to your fab postings of pics, etc. :-)

7 Nov, 2010


Brilliant---brilliant, enjoyed so much.

7 Nov, 2010


Thank you all so much so glad you enjoyed it, can see we have a few more addicts in the making,lol.
They will grow in part shade Stickitoffee, but do need around 6 hours of sun a day to do well, won't flower in full shade,sorry:-(
Oooo yes Barbara 'Edge of Darkness' is lovely, rebloomed here too.
Know the feeling Geraniumdad,lol, I still have a bit of grass left to dig up though:-)
Have bought over 20 new ones this year David,oops :-) so more piccies next year, its made my day too knowing everyone enjoyed my blog, thankyou :-)

7 Nov, 2010


What a huge variety you have Kathy , the Daylily bed looks gorgeous , I would find it very hard to choose a favourite they are all so lovely ..... :o)

8 Nov, 2010


Couldn`t choose a favourite as they are all delightful, have enjoyed seeing them altogether.

8 Nov, 2010


Thanks Amy and Stroller:-), no I can't really choose a favourite either, just want them all :-)

11 Nov, 2010


Youv sum real beautys there SimB :) i started to collect Day Lillies in 2008 & have 4 different types now :)

12 Nov, 2010


OOOH, what a lovely border. I want one. Do you think they will cross polinate? I love the pinks, purples and whites, well infact every colour except yellow. I'm not a fan of yellow. But my favourites are destined to see and edge of darkness. where do you get your plants from. We only ever get boring ones at our local garden centre.

13 Nov, 2010


Another addict in the making Jacque, glad you like them :-)
Thanks 2ndhand:-) yes thats my project for next year, doing a few of my own crosses, you can produce some lovely plants and even from the same seed head every one will be different, take 3 years to flower from seed, 2 if you're lucky, you can only cross diploids with diploids and tetraploids with tetraploids though as they have a different number of cromosones, but otherwise the possibilities are endless:-)
Been chatting to a new member on here Daglelie who has some of her seedlings flowering for the first time this year, she has some beauties, and if you breed one thats different from any other you can register it in your name, something to aim for.
Yes not much choice at garden centres, I buy a lot of mine on ebay have a couple of favourite sellers who always send great plants, Petalpower67plants and Snapdragonplants, both have some listed at the moment, also she holds the national collection of spider and unusual forms(my favourites) and has over 1500 different varieties of daylily, heaven:-)

13 Nov, 2010


Cheers simbad. i looked up the ebay names. and ooh goodness, Snapdragon plants are only 12 miles away from me. Thats a visit booked next spring. it's in my diary as we speak.

13 Nov, 2010


Fancy that 2ndhand lucky you, 'Edge of Darkness' is one of Adrians from Snapdragon and 'Free Wheelin'.

13 Nov, 2010


Im darned glad they are further away from me!!

13 Nov, 2010


Do daylillies need to be deadheaded? Will they actually bloom more if I do?

13 Nov, 2010


Most of the daylillies I have, don't appear to produce seed abundantly, but I do get a lot of proliferations down the stems, I usually poke these in the soil. I s'pose these will be identical to the parent plant and not produce different coloured flowers.
I also notice Simbad that the picture of the whole bed, is in the open. Are they in full sun? and do the darker shades fade?

14 Nov, 2010


Bari, you don't have to deadhead them but does make them look tidier, takes me over half an hour every day to deadhead this lot, won't make them bloom any more though, there are quite a lot of varieties now that do rebloom though, 'Yabba Dabba Doo' is a really good rebloomer in fact still has buds, don't think they'll open now though, you can cut the spent flower scapes back once all the flowers have finished.
Yes the proliferations will be exactly the same as the parent 2ndhand, daylilies do flower much better in full sun, will take part shade but the ones in this bed in full sun have been wonderful, I haven't found the darker colours to fade in fact they seem to show their colours and patterns better in full sun, have read they can fade but don't think we get enough hot sunny weather in this country for that to happen.

14 Nov, 2010


Lol Tetrarch if they were you'd be as bad as me, you've bought a few from them too haven't you ?

14 Nov, 2010


Right so I will re plan where I was going to plant any new additions, and get them in the full sun beds.
thank Simbad

15 Nov, 2010


Can hardly wait for pics of those newbies, Simbad!!! :-))

15 Nov, 2010


Absolutely stunning ... your bed looked amazing! I think I'd be very happy to spend half a day deadheading in amongst all that beauty, lol!

You really do have a fabulous collection ... and it's hard to choose a favourite, but I do have to say that UFO really caught my eye! All American Tiger is a stunner and Destined To See is just drop dead gorgeous!

Thanks you for letting me know about your blog ... I would have hated to miss these photos. I'll be looking forward to next year's show.

16 Nov, 2010


Thanks David:-)))))
Glad you enjoyed it Bernieh,must admit I quite enjoyed deadheading, nice relaxing job:-), Destined To See seems to be a real favourite on here, is stunning, I like UFO too really unusual colour.
Bought some seedlings this summer and there's an All American Tiger cross among them can't wait to see what thats like next year :-)

16 Nov, 2010


Love this blog Simbad, still trying to catch up on everything. The last spider pic, the massive one sort of yellow and rusty orange (sorry to be so technical) does it have a name? I presume the watchyl dancing spider is the one above it? Do you have a pic of the biggest one showing whole plant in relation to other, more normal sized ones? I'd love to see it if so. I think it's brilliant looking at blogs when the blogger is so enthusiastic. I'll try to catch up on your others over the next few days:-)

7 Jan, 2011


Thanks Bornagain, glad you enjoyed it:-) the last one is Watchyl Dancing Spider a real beauty, have had a look to see if I have another picture but only one I have is with Big Bird which is another huge one 10inches across, the petals on Watchyl Dancing Spider tend to curl at the ends so you can't really tell the size difference, I'll have to take some more pictures this summer.
Pleased to say all the daylilies look ok after the cold weather no casualties that I can see so far :-))

7 Jan, 2011


Great, I must have read you comments wrong doh 8~/ How many different ones do you have altogether? Is the dancing spider avilable here?

7 Jan, 2011


I have 133 different named varieties and a few unknown ones, so far :-)
I bought my Watchyl Dancing Spider from Coldharbour Nursery Bornagain, if you put it in google you'll find it, think they're updating their website at the moment but the owner Chris is lovely and if you e-mail her she'll get back to you, specialises in hosta and hemerocallis, was one of my more expensive ones, think if I remember rightly it cost me £15 with postage.

8 Jan, 2011


What the heck, it's only money lol:-)

8 Jan, 2011


Lol too true there to be spent, did sell quite a lot of divisions from my older varieties on ebay last year so used the money to buy some more 'expensive ' ones :-))

8 Jan, 2011

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