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Harlow Carr in early July


By simbad


I’m a bit late writing this blog as most of the pictures were to large and I’ve only just got round to resizing them.
These are from our trip to Harlow Carr back in early July, hope you enjoy :-)

Rob (OH) was in charge of the camera and he seemed to like this poppy there were quite a few pictures of it lol :-)

Thought this was quite a good idea, we have several remaining tree stumps in our little wood from trees that had to be felled due to wind damage last year, nice little project for Rob when he retires next year, I already have a list for him don’t want him to be bored lol ;-)

I really liked these too, another use for some of those large branches.

The teapot leaf composter beside the outdoor cafe, great idea, I did ask Rob if he could make me one of these, his reply was “I know I’m good Kath but not that good” worth a try ;-)

I loved this tree and sure I looked at the name at the time but can’t for the life of me remember it now, stunning………

This mass planting of primulas was lovely, I’ve tried this variety but my soil just isn’t damp enough, shame.

We often visit Harrogate, usually for the Spring and Autumn Shows and always go for a trip to Harlow Carr but we’ve never really been in July, the borders were gorgeous, I was running round like a headless chicken, so many lovely perennials.

Some strange woman on a bench ;-)

The all important plant centre, unfortunately everyone must have had the same list as me!! I couldn’t find any from the list I’d made on the way round.

Oh must’nt forget the robin who was making the most of the crumbs at the cafe :-)

Hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did :-)

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Looks like it was a great trip, and some really nice photos.

24 Oct, 2014


I find the plant centre often disappointing: it didn't belong to the rhs so the plant centre doesn't grow what is in the garden.
I usually write lists and don't have any joy either. but aren't the gardens stunning?

24 Oct, 2014


Stunning gardens, stunning photos.

24 Oct, 2014


Lovely to see all the summer flowers just what we need to keep us going through the long days ahead, nice to meet you too Kathy;0))

24 Oct, 2014


Lovely pictures. I've only been once, many years ago at rhododendron time but can't remember anything like your beautiful photos.

24 Oct, 2014


Oh I've never been there but it does look smashing, my idea of a good day out, I love the teapot composter too, be so good to try and make one like that its one that could be on show instead of hiding it away in the corners..
I always have to bring something home when visiting anywhere like this but never make a list as I change my mind each time I see another bed on my way around the gardens...
I enjoyed the tour Simbad, its nice to have lovely blogs like this to browse on dull dark days, thankyou for sharing, adding to favs in hopes I might get there one day....

24 Oct, 2014


Shed-load of great ideas; I'm totally impressed! Some vibrant/stunning colours too. Fantastic blog! Thanks for sharing. All the photos are so beautiful, especially "A Lady On A Bench" :-)

24 Oct, 2014


Lovely spaces and scenery. Thanks for sharing and nice to see you Simbad.

24 Oct, 2014


Great photos nice to see you too :) I worked out how to adjust the setting on my camera eventually so can take some pics again now! :))

25 Oct, 2014


The wood on stumps can be really difficult to work. We took out a 35 year old Cratagus prunifolia 2 years ago, the stump was so hard we just moved Siris statue on to it
Is the yellow tree a Gleditsia Sunburst?

25 Oct, 2014


Aaaaw thanks everyone,glad you enjoyed the pictures :-)
Well I didn't know that Sbg thats why I couldn't find the plants I wanted then.
Stera we've been at rhododendron time too its stunning in the woods isn't it, some huge ones.
Linc's Rob said he'll make me one of those composers but it'll just be a square one, not quite as exciting lol.
Glad you sorted your camera Daylily took me a while to do the resizing till I found out how to do it.
Not something he'll be able to do with his trusty chainsaw then Siris, shame, that name does ring a bell think you're right!! Now where can I put one ;-)

26 Oct, 2014


Chain saw would work providing there's clearance, you don't want OH hurting himself with the list of jobs you have projected for him.

26 Oct, 2014


Lovely Kathy, enjoyed your blog and seeing you ;-)
The bog area looks great, those ferns, gunnera and darmera peltata look amazing, just my kind of thing.

26 Oct, 2014


Ps I think the tree looks like Acer shirasawanum aureum? :)

26 Oct, 2014


Thanks for sharing your day out Kathy ... some wonderful photos and lots of blues/purples/yellows ... nice to meet the 'Strange woman on the bench' too! :o)

27 Oct, 2014


Lovely photos, Kathy ..
thanks for showing this super set of pics :o)

30 Oct, 2014


Oh heck no Sirius we don't want him minus any limbs , he made me a leaf compost thingy yesterday in the wood, not that I'll be raking all the leaves in there it'd take me till next spring!! but at least I can collect the ones off the paths, he had a good day, also stapled chicken wire on the very slippery, at this time of year, decking.
Thanks Dawn thought you'd like that ,reminded me of you pond area :-)
Daylily thank you yes that's it!!
Glad you enjoyed it Shirley and Terra :-)

31 Oct, 2014

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