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Hellebores and new greenhouse! :-)


By simbad


Sorry I haven’t been around for a while its been pretty hectic here!, but things have calmed down a bit now so thought I’d show you some of the lovely hellebores flowering in our little wood :-)

The next 4, last one, and other double pink I’m so pleased with they were all seedlings from hayloft plants just 2-3 years ago I have another from some I bought from them last year which has a couple of flowers in its first year!

I also have a new greenhouse given myself a migraine today stressing about it in this wind but it looks fine phew, hope you’re all ok and haven’t had any major problems with wind damage:-(

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You have a magnificent collection of hellebores - beautifu!
That's a grand greenhouse - what a relief that it has survived Doris!

23 Feb, 2017


Yay, your back, lovely.
Aren't your Hellebore beautiful and so many different ones.
Wow, your new greenhouse is smashing, sorry about the pun, we don't want any smashed panes!

23 Feb, 2017


oohhh wow


23 Feb, 2017


Stunning Hellebores. I've just Googled them and spent some time finding out about them. See Ashwood nurseries specialises in these also. Must look out for them on our next visit.

Agree with Dawnsaunt, great greenhouse.

23 Feb, 2017


Hello there I did wonder where you had got to......a marvellous selection of Hellebores, I took your advice and sent for some doubles from Hayloft, very well grown plants, I don't think any will be in flower this season though...
Loving your greenhouse.....

24 Feb, 2017


If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise ......wonderful hellebores. Welcome back, thought you must be hibernating, no just greenhouse constructing.

24 Feb, 2017


Thanks Stera :-), I love my greenhouse Rob has put me hooks on the walls for all my tools even got a chair and radio in there ,he's going to make me a little veranda on the back this summer too, I'm actually getting worried he's going to move me out there ;-)
Thankyou Dawn, aaaah it's toughened glass the fitter even showed us how tough by punching it , How dare he lol.
Gg you'll soon be getting your greenhouse won't you ?Can't wait to see it :-)
Thankyou Eirlys, oh yes Ashwood have some lovely hellebores I've often drooled over them, I've never had any from them though, we visit Hodsock Priory every year to see the snowdrops and I always come away with a couple of hellebores from their plant sales area this year it was the first yellow one and picture 9 the lovely pink with darker eye .
You won't be disappointed Dd every one I've bought have been lovely , it's just remembering where they all are , I plant them straight out into the wood .
Thankyou Siris I must get some more pictures of the wood its looking very pretty right now and we've been clearing another area with a huge tree stump that was covered in ivy,fabulous soil in the centre I can see a huge fern in there it's fab. Yes very busy we had my sister and fiancee staying for a few weeks , problems with a house they were buying ,then new gates, new greenhouse and I've been making 80 wedding invitations for a friend , glad they done! very fiddly and think I'm getting a bit of athritus in my fingers I think, then the decking has all rotted so that's been taken up and now there's all the new boards to paint before laying , still it's nice to be busy , then of course there's the lovely grandson :-))

24 Feb, 2017


I could live in that greenhouse Simbad and your Hellebores are amazing. I had my first flower this week from plugs from Hayloft last year.

24 Feb, 2017


What an absolute beauty, that greenhouse is. I'm very jealous. And, you have some lovely hellebores .They are such beautiful plants.

24 Feb, 2017


Terrific collection of Hellebores!

24 Feb, 2017


Your Hellebores are really beautiful and what a lovely new greenhouse.

24 Feb, 2017


You have some beauties there. What a delightful green house glad it went unscathed with the winds .

It bought my new arch down and branchs from the church trees blown off in my garden .

24 Feb, 2017


How beautiful are they - and what a impressive greenhouse - yes the winds were very worrying - our small pine tree is already propped up so I was terrified it would go - anyway it is still there thank goodness - Jane

25 Feb, 2017


Thorney I do spend a lot of time in it ;-), those Hayloft hellebores are brilliant aren't they,love the doubles :-)
Thankyou Paul it is nice to have a posh new greenhouse my previous 2 were second hand and had about had it, but one has been moved onto my brother in law's allotment so still getting used.
Thankyou Wylie my favourite place at the moment nothings getting done anywhere else though !
Thanks Homebird hopefully in many years time the whole wood will look like this every hellebores seedling finds a place lots of pinks and purples but they all add to the colourfulness, with a few more varieties now I might get some nice combinations from the bees ;-)
Thankyou 3d, oh no!! hope your arch was salvageable , mine blew over too and I was worried that the lovely rose climbing it had been uprooted but it was fine :-)
Thankyou Jane :-) glad your pine tree was ok it was very scarey wasn't it we have some new wooden gates quite tall they nearly buckled,my hubby had to tie them down to stop them moving !, we don't want any more storms like that !!

25 Feb, 2017


Oh, I have Hellebore envy now! They are gorgeous ... the greenhouse is lovely too ... a lovely place to spend time raising plants and seeds. Has the cat discovered it yet? :o)

25 Feb, 2017


Thankyou Shirley:-), I noticed my first seedlings have sprouted in there just today :-).Aaaaw hector has moved house well country!!, his owners were from the Netherlands and they've moved back home, miss the little fella.

25 Feb, 2017


I've just been reading your replies Kathy and everyones comments, it's so nice to hear about what you're up to and seeing your plants and greenhouse which sounds amazing, mine is full of wood at the moment, drying out for the stove, that's got to go soon ;-)

25 Feb, 2017


Hector probably has happy memories of being with you in your garden! Shame he's 'emigrated' !

26 Feb, 2017


I know I left a comment on here last week, its disappeared again Simbad, used to happen a lot but had been alright for months, haven't seen anyone appearing as Iciar either so who knows where it went, LOL.
Your Hellebores are absolutely stunning, the little wood must be a delight to meander through, I do like your greenhouse, the design makes it look more like a summerhouse with the potting shed at the back, it must be a real pleasure working in there and with the two doors I suppose its warmer as well, enjoy it Simbad, I could happily hide away for hours and I notice you already have a chair, lol.....

27 Feb, 2017


Oh no Dawn get that wood out it's seed time lol ;-)
He must have known he was going Shirley the last day he came round he didn't want food like he usually does but did have a cuddle :-),he's probably got someone else twisted round his little finger now lol ;-)
Aaaah yes I remember Iciar that was really weird wasn't it!, Thankyou for the lovely comment. I love the greenhouse and yes bought a chair and crocheted some cushion covers out of all my odd bits of wool , even the rain doesn't stop me yesterday I was in there radio on splitting snowdrops to replant today . It does get warm the other day the automatic vents opened!!! talk about kid with a new toy lol.

28 Feb, 2017


LOL, I don't blame you one bit.....

28 Feb, 2017


I'm sure Hector is enjoying his new life and looking for somebody to make a fuss of him, just like you used to!

28 Feb, 2017


Oh yes Simbad it arrived today yyyyeeees


28 Feb, 2017


Wow hoo Gg I'll be looking out for your picture ;-)

1 Mar, 2017


it would make a nice blog ... its all in the garage under lock & key arrived at 5.50pm !!! I got told they deliver up till 6.00pm , he did apoligise coudnt find the house and if you miss the turn off its a nightmare but he was very pleasant.

Just have to take the old one down re slab the area makes sure its level , I want to include gravel borders so that should be easy to do. I could keep the old cedar one as apart from I wanted bigger nothing wrong with it as I have looked after it plus I saw the same one for 3 thousand and that was in a sale !!!!

I wanted to grow a vine in the greenhouse but would a 8 x 10 be big enough ? without swamping everything else

Thanks ...

Quick question is the yellow (Hellebore) Golden Lotus ?


1 Mar, 2017


Sounds like you're going to be busy Gg ;-)
The day they brought mine they stopped off for breakfast and when they came to restart the van it wouldn't start !, so had to wait for another van to come and reload it all onto that so it was late afternoon before it arrived to late to put it up but they were very good and came early the next morning , a Saturday, and did it then took all day.
Not sure about the vine I've never grown one , a grape you mean ?
No it's not Golden Lotus it's Harvington Double Yellow Speckled :-) , pretty think I have got Golden Lotus though sure it was in some seedlings I got from Hayloft last year I'll check it rings a bell .

2 Mar, 2017


Well, I didn’t see this blog last year, and its absolutely lovely! I hope you havent had a migraine tonight, what with all the lightening Kathy! :)

27 Jul, 2018


Aaaaw thanks Karen.
You know we didn't really get a lot of lightening , definitely not what was forecast, one storm around tea time Friday that was it yet a village not far away had floods, trees down and the power off till this morning , we have had lots of lovely rain today though :-)

29 Jul, 2018

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