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A-Z( with a few missing) of my favourite hemerocallis


By simbad


Being inspired by Spritzhenrys blog on a-z of her favourite flowers thought I’d have a go myself but a-z of my favourite daylilies, if I can decide as I love them all, there are a few letters missing.
A for ‘Alien Encounter’, a new purchase spring 2009, love the colouring on this one.

B for ‘Black Eye’ waited for three years for this one to flower as very slow grower, worth the wait though.

C for ‘Cameroons’ lovely unusual form petals twist and curl, gorgeous.

D for ‘Double River Wye’ only have a few doubles this one is such a lovely clear yellow, increases quite quickly too.

E for ‘El Desperado’ or Enchanted Rainbow oh just can’t decide so just include both.

‘El Desperado’

‘Enchanted Rainbow’
F for ‘Final Touch’ very useful late flowering bi-colour.

G for ‘Golden Zebra’ worth growing this one just for the foliage but does have yellow flowers too.

H for ‘Handsome Dylan’ another newbie last year didn’t think it would flower but surprised me in september with a couple of flowers,should be better next year.

I for ‘Inner View’ had this one years but still one of my all time favourites repeat flowers and flowers are diamond dusted(a strange coating that some daylilies have that make them glisten in the sun)

J for ‘James Marsh’ fabulous red that looks like velvet swapped with a friend last year.

K for ‘Knave’ strawberry red with a paler eye another of my favourites, picture really doesn’t do this one justice.

L for ‘Longstocking’ the first spider variety I ever bought, now I’m hooked bought loads last year so looking forward to see them all flower this summer, this one increases really rapidly always has loads of proliferations and repeat flowers what more could you want.

M for ‘Malaysian Monarch’ another new one last year love the ones with paler eyes and this is a beauty.

N for ‘Nile Crane’ had this one several years another that has the beautiful diamond dusting, both pictures are of same plant.

No O I’m afraid so onto P for ‘Parade of Peacocks’ this daylily really is amazing bought as a very small fan 2008 didn’t think it would flower for a couple of years but late last summer it had increased to 6 fans and then it flowered too and what gorgeous huge flowers.

No Q or R so on to S this is between two of my oldest varieties siloam showgirl or snowy eyes, think it has to be snowy eyes, lovely little miniature,

T for ‘Trahylta’ or ‘Tideline’ oh what the heck love them both.


‘Tide Line’
Do have a U but no picture yet ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ can’t wait till that flowers.
No V so on to W for ‘Wisest of Wizards’ real stunner with gold edges to the petals that shimmer in the sun, not a very good picture.

No X do have a Y but no picture till next year ‘Yabba Dabba Do’ and no Z so thats it hope you enjoyed the pics, been clearing all dead foliage from the daylily bed today and new growth is starting, roll on summer when all my new purchases from last year flower :-)

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I only have 6 and I thought I had a lot. golden zebra is a nice one that i have got too,

15 Feb, 2010


Beautiful Kathy, you have some beauties. Your Dad would be so proud.

15 Feb, 2010


Good blog Simbad. I love them all.

15 Feb, 2010


Thanks for showing 'Golden Zebra' - that would look good in my yellow border

15 Feb, 2010


Ooohh!! Some beauties in there, Simbad! :-)))

15 Feb, 2010


I like them all :o)

15 Feb, 2010


You have a beautiful collection there Kathy , I would find it difficult to chooses a favourite :o)

15 Feb, 2010


Your photos are wonderful and your collection must be incredible.

Thanks to you i have started my own collection, a fraction of yours in size, but i'm so looking forward to watching them develop this year :-)))

16 Feb, 2010


I really like daylilies, with their amazing colours and variety names. A new one in our garden this year will be H. "Crimson Pirate". I like the name "Tide Line"!


16 Feb, 2010


Thanks everyone glad you like them is hard to choose my favourites, do have quite a few SBG over 100 at last count, trying to resist but then keep getting catalogues through the post, also think I've got a twitch in my hand and accidently click on e-bay,lol.
My Dad would have loved my collection Dawn first one I ever got was given to me by him don't know variety but still a favourite.
Would look good in your yellow border Andrew, just love the foliage on that one.
Oh Louise thankyou, glad I've converted you ,lol, look forward to seeing pictures of your collection :-)
There are some strange names aren't there David bought one last year called 'Bellybutton' can see why though its a browny colour and a bit wrinkly at the edges,lol, 'Crimson Pirate' is one I don't have have seen it though lovely red, 'Tide Line' is lovely have sold divisions of that many times on e-bay never fails to sell, there are a few real beauties on e-bay at the moment trying not to look as the ones I have my eye on are £30 and a £50 have to sell a few divisions of mine first.

16 Feb, 2010


They are gorgeous...thanks for sharing your pics. Are all these varieties scented by any chance? I've just started a new GoYpedia page. "Scented Flowers"....and if they were all scented....I could just pop your blog in......If not.....could you possible post the scented ones in the picture gallery so I can pic therm up from there.....Thanks xx

16 Feb, 2010


Like all of them hard to pick a fav....

16 Feb, 2010


all lovely simbad and even though i like to see them im not sure i could grow something thats only there for a day, i would be so upset :o)) lol you have some pretty ones though

16 Feb, 2010


I like them all, some more than others, but Malaysian Monarch is a real showstopper!

16 Feb, 2010


Amblealice not all these are scented will sort out the ones that are and post pictures :-)
Thanks Clarice:-)
Bit misleading really Sanbaz because even though each flower only lasts a day there are always loads of buds so can flower for quite a long time, and quite a lot rebloom, such tough plants never had one die, not fussy about soil, grow in sun or part shade, not bothered by many pests, although gall midge can be a problem for earlier flowering ones.
Thanks Karen I love that one too :-)

16 Feb, 2010


really well that doesnt sound as bad so maybe i will try them, thanx simbad ;o)

17 Feb, 2010


Thanks Simbad.......

18 Feb, 2010


Yes San! They are really pretty and they flower very profusely. I only have one at the moment, because they do take up quite a lot of room as they spread out, but I would definitely miss having the one I have as it's really cheery. Don't know what it's called but it's one of the purplish ones.

20 Feb, 2010


thanx karen i will get one i think, only one though if they spread.

20 Feb, 2010


Simbad, where do you get them....can you recommend a good mail order specialist?

20 Feb, 2010


Have had some fab plants from petalpower67plants and snapdragonplants on e-bay have to keep your eye open for petalpower as she doesn't always have plants on there but has some really unusual varieties, when she has some for sale will post on here,never had a wrong plant from either, also lovely lady very friendly excellent size plants, and are all excellent suppliers happy browsing :-)

20 Feb, 2010


Thanks! I remembered I actually have two pure lemon yellow ones in the front garden as that makes three!

21 Feb, 2010


I started off with just a couple too Karen have 106 now,lol, so beware very addictive.
Just remembered petalpower67plants does have a website, don't think she sells from it but will give you a taste of some of the gorgeous varieties she lists on ebay its :-)

22 Feb, 2010


Lovely - I like the one you have on this avatar, it's a lovely colour!...right I'm off to do something, I feel like I'm getting drawn in to daylilies! must resist....must resist.....:)

23 Feb, 2010


Lol, one of my favourites too Karen 'Malaysian Monarch' that was from petalpower67plants last year, only a couple of fans at the moment so too small to split or you could have had a piece, will see how it multiplies this year some are more vigorous don't know about this one yet :-)

23 Feb, 2010


Ah, thanks simbad! I hope it comes beautiful this year!

26 Feb, 2010


they are stunning arent they

7 Apr, 2010


Great blog Simbad and such a temptingly huge choice. I only have two at the moment (dumortieri and Lilioasphedelus) but I'm sure I can fit (a scented) one of a different colour in somewhere. :-))

3 May, 2010


Karensusan just thought Id let you know the ebay seller I buy from a lot has quite a few listings at the moment (petalpower67plants) and she has listed the one you liked malaysian monarch, starting price £2, bidding on a couple myself:-)

9 May, 2010


I have just gone out and counted my lovely Day lillies this cold sunny morning.I think there are 14-15. My only really classy one is Strawberry Candy. I like Corky/i and Frans Hals. The rest are bits taken when I helped people with their gardens in the past, with permission, when I liked the flower. They have to hold their own amid a riot of self sown spring bulbs,aubretias, alliums, apple trees, wandering yellow corydalis, bonariensis, the odd rose bush,tree peony, spirea, eryngium planum. Blue bells are in charge at the moment. They don't get in amongst the day lillies though. My 'island bed' is J shaped and 9 feet by 40. Lovely blog Sinbad.

12 May, 2010


Thanks Dorjac:-)
Your garden sounds lovely, will have a look at your pictures later, I have Corky and Frans Hals too, not Strawberry Candy though.
Just bought two more daylilies this week,which means I now have 111 oops, I have to keep a plan of where they all are as the magpies have a habit of pulling all the labels out,daylily bed will have to be extended,again, should maybe just dig up all the grass,lol.

12 May, 2010

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