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Feeling shattered!


Not exactly a ‘Gardening Blog’ although the garden does look rather like the title!

Very busy sorting problems with new computer, printer and changing ISP so the poor garden is having to fend for itself. The birds are fed daily by Roy and I have cut off a few dead heads – flowers I hasten to say! Oh, and I swept up millions of leaves, mainly sycamore. I love their little wings and seeds. Acorns galore too!
Quite a busy time of year what with clearing bedding and pot plants and replacing them with winter stock. At least a small garden has some advantages. Not too much to do.

I am being tempted to buy a web cam so that I can spy on the birds next year but I suppose it would be yet another of my wasted purchases. They tend to get stored on a shelf or put in a cupboard waiting for someone to help me fix it up, get it going and or explain the workings to me. The grief I have had over my useless, unused gadgets. As I type my eye is wandering down the side of the screen at the tempting garden gear awaiting a discerning buyer. Oh, what I could do with a pest repeller!

Other people’s cats can be classed as pests can they not when they scratch around spoiling the pretty displays, uprooting young plants or seedlings and/ or leaving nasty smelly calling cards? Hmm! A bit expensive so I guess I shall have to stick to my water pistol, ground up moth balls and pepper dust. I also have the birds to defend.

Has anyone else got masses of buds on roses, clematis, magnolia among other things? A trip around our daughter’s garden last week revealed some terrific revival in growth and production. Strange! We were picking beans and strawberries and eating them!

Her pumpkins are are plumping up very nicely and there were some interesting gourds that she will be making into a display. Her geraniums, lobelia, pansies, hydrangeas etc., etc., are all in overdrive and I felt quite envious. They live about a mile from us but it is like going into another climate zone. Height of summer, shorts on, dining outside, everything is in a time warp. Roy and I were swaddled up with anoraks, scarves, boots – the lot – and still felt cold.

Oh to be young again………

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You have been busy! Isn't it strange that your daughter, only a mile from you, could be enjoying fabulous weather and lots of blooms...even pumpkins and gourds (gotta love those!)?

Don't get discouraged with your'll all come for all the gadgets I have my troubles with them too! I am what they call "technically challenged"....but at least we can laugh at ourselves...

Yummy strawberries fresh off the lovely :)

8 Oct, 2010


The weather's in reverse gear. wierd or what. As for cats, I try not to leave any bare soil. Anything laid on it will deter them.

8 Oct, 2010


Hi Lyn, lovely to see you on GoY again, it sounds like you've been busy in the garden. I quite agree about smaller gardens, I find plenty to do in the one I have now even though it seemed small at first.
Can't say I've noticed anything reviving after all the rain apart from the grass which is actually green now. Most of my bedding plants are looking rather sad now, it seems too early for them to give up flowering. Last year I did a blog on Dec 1st showing my bedding plants looking very pretty early in the morning with frosted flowers. They didn't look so good come lunch time though!! Different weather patterns make for interesting gardening though. :o))
Hope you have some warm sunny weather of your own this weekend.

8 Oct, 2010

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