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Oh dear what a dreadful time!
Not only did the temperature drop like a lead weight and each day brought more devastation to the already deteriorating garden but the birds disappeared, strange cats invaded the garden, I got more breathless, my new printer wouldn’t print from the computer but only did copies from the scanner, Roy’s blood pressure shot up, I was put on a beta blocker, we both had our ‘flu jabs, Jan’s whole family have had colds so we had to keep apart,and Harriet’s rabbit had myxomatosis and had to be put to sleep, other daughter, Kay, and members of the family flew off to Canada and the US, leaving us bereft, our son and family then went on a cruise, the porch is full of leaves, acorns and sycamore seeds making it a marathon task, like sweeping a sandy beach, to keep it clear enough to reach the front door!

That is just a short list of the events that have been upsetting us. However, we have survived and with the return of some of the family, the printer, the computer some sparrows and a little collared dove plus two new guinea pigs for Harriet the spirits are lifting all round.

We haven’t dared look under the fleeces covering plants and shrubs but I think they were not saved from the icy blasts. There are buds on the big clematis which looks surprisingly fit, flowers on the Mahonia and several more little border plants so not all is lost. I also have five miniature Iris bulbs growing like Jack’s beanstalk in a little pot beside me as I type.

I have enjoyed seeing the full moon and starry night skies recently and a rainbow today as we drove in to Carlisle to pick up the hardware from the ‘Techies’.

Maybe I should start singing a more cheerful tune?
Hope things are going well with you………..

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You've had a bit of a roller coaster ride in your family that's for sure!

I hope most of those episodes are never-to-be-repeated and you are all keeping well and happy again.

We have an accumulation of leaves (with the accompanying sweet and crisp wrappers) that get carried along in the strong winds too. So like you, it's a constant battle to keep them swept up...ours are all outside as we have no porch.
Lots of fun trying to round them all up when the wind is blowing....

27 Oct, 2010


Oh dear, you have had a lot to contend with recently ! I'm pleased to read your spirits are lifting now, you sound happier towards the end of your blog, a full moon, stars in the sky and a rainbow must have all helped. I have cut the Verbena Bonariensis down to ground, or should I say, gravel level, very sad to see them go and hope they'll shoot up again in the Spring. Very little colour left in the garden now, a Delphinium has just opened up, seems the wrong season for that to happen ! The Lavender is still looking good, reluctant to cut it back yet. Leaves from other gardens keep falling into my garden, grrr ! Keep smiling. : o ))

27 Oct, 2010


Its amazing after all you`ve been going through that the sight of the moon a starry sky and a rainbow lifted your spirits, we dont ask for a lot do we to make us happy.Hope things keep well for you.

27 Oct, 2010


Keep singing! :o))

28 Oct, 2010

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