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I haven’t been out of the house for over two weeks nor have I been around the parade ground. I wistfully gaze out of the windows front and back, watching the rain, leaves blowing down, birds squabbling for food, vehicles coming and going (most seem to just come up the road to turn around when they discover it is a cul-de-sac ), occasional foot slogger, child grazing on slice of toast on way to school, delivery vans, people with collection sacks for various appeals, neighbours, postman, I’ve seen the leaves change colour making a splendid display before they were blown down and the few remaining flowers becoming more bedraggled as each day passes. Some are still shrouded with fleeces as protection from the frosts. I saw the fireworks display in the school grounds. It was special this year because the Head Teacher is retiring soon. I’ve seen the sun rise and and set, likewise the moon – and I saw the latter at the moment it became full.
Neighbours have continued to hang out their wet washing and take it in again – still wet! Planes have flown over, some streaking across with such a sudden burst of noise they frightened everything down below including me!
Another interesting event was the planting of a beech hedge alongside a school path opposite to our house.
Highpoint of the week – arrival of daughter with one of our granddaughters to clean through the house!
I never thought I would be reduced to getting my daily share of “LIFE” via the windows of my home. Still it is better than some people experience so I should count my blessings and
cheer up. In fact it is infinitely better than most Television programmes!

There goes the tea bell. Aaaah! Dear old Roy, where would I be without him?

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You've given wonderful images of everything you've seen through your windows... well-described and well-appreciated ...

I hope your health improves so that you can get out and about a bit more... and well done Roy, daughter and grand-daughter :o)

22 Nov, 2010


I do hope you feel better soon and are able to go out-- even if its just a trip in the car as the weather is so cold. Do you have bird feeders that you can see, watching them is so entertaining with the acrobatic tits, cheeky sparrows and the robin who nips onto the seeds when no-one is looking -- makes washing up interesting anyway :o))

22 Nov, 2010


I love your description of 'child grazing on slice of toast on way to school' ... the school children I see passing by always seem to have a mobile phone in use! I agree with Pam on watching the birds ... my Nan used to have a clear perspex-style box for bird seed ... it somehow could be attached to the window and she gained so much pleasure from watching them. Keep smiling. : o ))

22 Nov, 2010


It is hard to be housebound and I can imagine you were very appreciative of your daughter and grandaughter's help to get your home in order...that will have made you feel so much better.

I hope you are soon able to get out for a little while...even for a short ride in the car. It is good that Roy is such a dab hand in helping too :)

Watching the activity of the birds would be an interest for you...I have seen the perspex boxes Shirley mentioned that attach to the outside of the window with a "window sucker."
Maybe an idea to see if you can get one? (on your Christmas list perhaps?).

22 Nov, 2010


It must be very difficult for you being confined to the house. You certainly see some comings and goings through your window, but it isn't the same as going out isn't it. I hope you might be able to take a little walk in your garden one day.

23 Nov, 2010


Thank you all for your comments. It is very cheering to know you wish me well. November is a rather gloomy time of the year that always sets me off.
I DID have a title for my last blog! It is "Confined to Barracks" hence the remark about not even having walked around the parade ground (the garden). The title went walk about!
When it is cold and windy I find it hard to get my breath but I can and do look out of the windows a great deal and the birds give me a lot of interest and pleasure. They are much nicer than many of the children who visit residents here and have rather disgusting habits.
Roy stocks the bird table, feeders and bath daily, and yes, I could have a window stick-on type feeder added, which would be another interest. We have had them in the past but never found them very appealing to the birds. Perhaps a special bird mix would encourage them to use it. I can remember the growth in one plastic feeder resembling a miniature forest so we had to empty it and wash it out. Maybe it is still around somewhere............
Confession time!
It is 13:15 and I am still not showered and dressed so must hasten to make myself presentable - for Roy's sake. To see him looking less anxious will be well worth the effort. The birds too may respond when they see me.

23 Nov, 2010

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