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Blackbird -Colour coded


By siris


I recycle my snails by putting them on the stepping stones in the grass and then – stepping on them! Mutant Ninja Blackbird is colour coded, he has 1 white tail feather, so it is easy to keep a track of him. I have seen him 13 bungalows along the road as I was walking to the shops.

I am sat on the garden seat with my camera about 2 -3 metres from him, having just dispatched some snails – who is going to give in first!

He declined the snail fest, and went worming instead!

It will be interesting to see if he is still around next year.

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He's certainly very distinct looking Siris, hope he's still around next year :-)
We had one several years ago with a few white feathers on his head looked a bit like a punk rocker lol, but only one I've ever seen apart from yours :-)

9 Jun, 2014


we used to have a jackdaw with one white wing,have not seen it in years tho

9 Jun, 2014


Never had one here but mum and dad had one living in their garden and he was around for 3yrs at least, he was very distinctive as one wing always drooped and he never flew very far in one go, possibly an old injury that didn't heal correctly, my dad protected and spoilt that bird so much, it was always around when he was in the garden, became very cheeky and used to sit on patio chair looking into the dining room window, my dad used to dig worms out of the compost specially for him, always called him my matey and I swear the bird answered dad, LOL....
Smashing photo's Siris, I have my camera on standby as the baby bluetits are out of the nest now but flipping Brynner keeps disturbing them by following me around, lol....

9 Jun, 2014


We had a really peculiar blackbird murder last year. When female 1 left the nest another female bird, lurking in the bushes, would pop in and brood. Female 1 would then chase off female 2. Mr B would join in the assault. After about 2 weeks F1 attacked F2 viciously and killed her! When I cleaned out the nest in autumn, there was one sterile egg left. That's why I call them my Ninja birds!

9 Jun, 2014


Oh gosh I didn't know they did that, I know they can be territorial in the garden and have seen them chasing another pair off but didn't know it went that far, last year the magpies got the babies out of one of the nests but luckily they moved further up the road for this year so our nests have been safe so far.....

9 Jun, 2014


I had a blackbird with a white feather for about two years then a Murder took place talk about Midsommer Murders blackbirds can be right little savages and so can male Robins but that's another story :))) great photo's siris

9 Jun, 2014


Thanks for you comments. Nature can be raw!

10 Jun, 2014


Left side neighbour says he's nesting there, but all the babies have fledged now and are all around the place. I see you are in Derbyshire, that is late for eggs, or is it a second clutch?

22 Jun, 2014


I had been unwell for the past couple of weeks so spent a lot of time just watching the birds from my armchair, for the first time in weeks a magpie decided to visit our garden and even came onto our patio below the feeder, all of a sudden there was a terrible racket and one of the doves was threatening the intruder, literally divebombing it, twice the magpie came back only to be driven off by the dove, I haven't seen it in the garden since and my doves, blackbirds, sparrows and all the other little birds are feeding together quite happily again, even the big fat pigeon is allowed to stay, I had never seen any of the doves acting aggressively towards any birds before ......

22 Jun, 2014


Thanks Homebird, So my Wrens are late then, we had such rain earlier this year, perhaps they were rained off.

Oh Linkslass, hope you are on the mend now. Maybe Doves know instinctively that Magpies steal eggs. Harmony restored then.

23 Jun, 2014

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