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Indoors if wet! Cacti, Succulents and tender Plants


By siris


Having been rained off on numerous occasions in May, I had to taking shelter inside, and have actually notice what’s going on in the conservatory!
For a start my Bird of Paradise plant, Strelitzia reginae has 3 flowers

My desert pot or concession to cacti has been put into the conservatory for its summer holiday.

The only name I know is Old Man Cactus, Cepphalocereus senilis, the white hairy one!

(August…. Just found a label …Weberobaurocereus how could one remember that! is the tall yellowy cactus.)

Echinopsis most probably, not Queen of the Night, also had 3 flowers, during the day.

Put a sheet of card behind this to contrast with the flower.

The ginger-wort, Hedychium is so tall, up to the ceiling, that I was unable to get it in the picture.

The hanging containers of Cymbidium have been hung under the carport for the last 3 weeks, for their summer break. I have a cream, a yellow and a pink one plus offspring. They finished flowering in the spring, but here is a photo I took earlier.

Also a photo from last year of a hanging succulent, which has red flowers. Hywel reckons Epiphyllum, thanks H.

August …..a pot of Rebutia? (Ask Hywell) has just flowered and prompted me to finish this blog.

Rebutia pulvinosa …thanks Hywel. The blog is now complete!

Many of these plants have such spectacular flowers, I really should give them more attention, but the outdoors seems to be my primary interest.

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Your Queen of the night is marvellous and shows up so well against the blue it could almost be sky! You might get some seed pods on your rebutia, they are quite easy to grow.

7 Aug, 2014


I love plants in the house, as much as in the garden :)
You've got some lovely ones in your conservatory ...

However, I don't think that cactus is Selenicereus. It looks like an Echinopsis to me.
(I hope I haven't offended you, but it does)
Selenicereus has long thin hanging stems, and a more ornate flower.

Your succulent with red flower is a cactus called Epiphyllum :)

7 Aug, 2014


Lovely blog, this site is so interesting. I love it.

8 Aug, 2014


Hi Siris .. Fascinating blog
I've added to GoYpedia Desert Plants.

8 Aug, 2014


Thanks folks,
I wonder Steragram Would any Rebutia seeds be orange like the parent as I have masses of offshoots.
Hywel No offence taken, it is brilliant your putting a name to these. I am writing labels for them. I have looked up Echinopsis, it does look like it.

8 Aug, 2014


I guess most probably as you haven't got any others for them to cross with. It probably isn't worth it just to get more plants but its fun to do it anyway.

8 Aug, 2014


If you click on my photos and go to page 5, you'll see a similar one that I've got. It flowered earlier this year.

8 Aug, 2014


I really like your Bird of Paradise and have to admit to leaving my cacti to just get on with things, really must change my ways,like you my garden is always my calling out for attention...

8 Aug, 2014


Cacti seem so undemanding it's easy to neglect them. I must admit ( just to you Lincslass, don't tell Hywell)that the orange cacti at the front of the big pot is now only a husk, no roots, with a tooth pic thro it so it doesn't fall out of the pot. Am a bit smug that I grew my Stelitzia from seed Xx years ago.

Ey ey Hywell added eyriesii as the species to the label.

9 Aug, 2014


Oh well, you could hoik it out and replace it with more rebutias - more flowers that way!

9 Aug, 2014

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