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Botanical garden - Bangalore India


By siris


If it’s Sunday, it must be Bangalore! The coach put us down at South Gate, then a quick march up the main avenue. Our tour guide said that gardens are like paradise for the Indians, I am not surprised, considering the rubbish and squalor in most city streets

25 rupees fee to take photos (About 25p) at most places.
Snap away, but keep walking or get left behind!

This garden is famed for its specimen trees.

Railings around this 200 year old tree to stop people clambering on it.

Doesn’t work does it!

Don’t walk on the grass, or touch the topiary.
A garden official blows his whistle frantically at the offenders.

A quick escape from the group to snap this Tulip Tree

And a fallen flower.

Quick sprint to catch up with the group.

Guide tests us on this fruit, it’s coffee.

A tree considered sacred.

Can you imagine Wisley allowing the public to daub their specimens with saffron and light little fires around the base!

A piece of fossilised tree.

Plaque to commemorate the planting of this tree by Queen Elizabeth.

Thats QE2, it’s grown this tall since 1961!

One of a matching pair, the other planted by President Gorbachov, didn’t snap his.

Past the band stand, another relic from the British.

And the water fountains.

The avenue was lined with plants that would be grown indoors in the Uk. Thought this was a Poinsettia

But apparently it’s not.

And a plumbago?

A shrub as colourful as the people.

The glass house still used for flower shows

No sides in the glass house, it is not to protect tender plants from the cold but the sun.

That is, we would consider this tender.

Bougainvillea in every conceivable colour

Lining the northern end of the paths

A pagoda gate leading to …who knows where….the rock garden or the lakes that we did not see.

A geological monument seems fair game for a picnic area!

Turn left and collect our coach, not this bus, ours did have suspension.

It has taken me longer to write this blog than to walk through the garden. I do mean through the garden not around. But then India is a bustle!

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What a wonderful holiday - pity you had tp rush though the garden, it looks fabulous.

26 Nov, 2014


Fantastic pictures.what a great tree.The railings perhaps, need to be a bit higher!!

26 Nov, 2014


I enjoyed looking over the plants from your country and your sense of humor which shines through. Thank you for a nice blog.

27 Nov, 2014


Thanks Steragram , an experience rather than a holiday.
Paulspatch, some beautiful plants, trees, an oasis contrasting with the surrounding streets. Makes you appreciate what we have in the UK.
Bathgate, the Uk, South of England to be precise is my home of birth. India was a holiday! tour we have just done.
Sense of humour? needed to be in overdrive to survive.

28 Nov, 2014


Great blog Siris the tulip trees amazing, brought back a few memories, remember OH thinking of a way to get us home when we arrived,driving through the streets to the resort was a real eye opener the poverty was unbelievable and he was wondering where he'd brought us.
Our daughter had her picture taken on an elephant and she still remembers that holiday more than any other and would go back tomorrow, always remember going in one of those little 3 wheeler taxis, of course there's only room for 3 in the back so the driver plonked eldest daughter on his knee and drove like that !!!
Couldn't get used to the cows wondering round the pool though ;-)

28 Nov, 2014


What year was that Simbad? The traffic jams at rush hour were horrendous, motor bikes with 4 and 5 people on them weaving in and out, using any side of the road they fancied and of course the " tuk tuk" taxis. Take your life in your hands trying to cross the roads. Apparently if you kill an animal wandering in the road, the driver is responsible and must pay compensation ( about £20 for a goat) but you can take the carcass home! An experience indeed.

28 Nov, 2014


1998 Siris, Crikey doesn't seem that long ago, the thing that I found quite weird was when they fumigated the plane before we all got off not when we went back strangely!!!!, Goa was beautiful and unspoilt then, bet its much more developed now, we still have some of those amazing carved ornaments they sold on the beach, the work that went into them for £1 !!!, and a carved wooden table chess set.

4 Dec, 2014


They still fumigate going in, not coming home. And the form filling to declare that you have been nowhere near an Ebola country, going in! Everywhere seemed so busy and dirty and polluted, the tea plantations seemed the cleanest, tidiest places, but they aren't natural. More wild life in my garden than to be seen in the countryside, don't get me wrong, never expected to see a tiger or many elephants, but apart from hooded crows not many different birds to be seen.

4 Dec, 2014


Thinking about no I don't remember seeing much wildlife either well except chipmunks? or something like that in the trees outside our room, lots of stray dogs which was a bit scary.

5 Dec, 2014


Yes, Indian Palm Squirrel, ( just googled it) an introduction from Oz, and dogs with skinny ribs, 1 ear, 3 legs, half ears,
all roaming thro, the traffic.
Might blog the fauna and flora that I photographed sometime, and Ooty botanic gardens. (Another you have 1/2 hour to visit this OR "Charing Cross market). Can't we have longer! Oh! no, no ,no - nodding of head!

6 Dec, 2014


The memories are mellowing with time, Homebird.

11 Jan, 2015


wow!! what a beautiful place :-)))

26 Feb, 2015


An oasis of relative calm!

26 Feb, 2015

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