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It's snowing, apple blossom!


By siris


My 4 apple trees have been in full flower, but now the petals are starting to fall like confetti and look like a covering of snow on the ground. Taking photos for GoY has made me appreciate differences in plants, that I have never noticed before.
Apple Green sleeves, flowering a tad before the others. Whilst the buds are pink, the flowers are white inside with a touch of pink on the outside.

Winter Gem has intensely pink buds and the flowers have pink on the inside and out.
There is a nest box on the fence and Bluetits sit on this tree to see if the coast is clear before entering. Sorry don’t want to disturb them trying to take a pic, but they do look so pretty.

Jonagold Red, a triploid apple variety has blossom which is about 1/3 larger than the others. Must be the genes, also the apples are larger, but it does not pollinate the others.

Kids Orange Red, about 2 of the petals are pink on the inside.

The pear trees have lost all their blossom, oh! one petal on the left.

A taste of things to come. Pear “doyenne du Comice”

I hope those of you in Scotland who had real snow last night, didn’t lose any plants.

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Can't help but love apple blossom set against a blue sky, great photo's Siris, our apple blossom is not even open yet but the plum only had a few flowers on one side and the frost got them so I guess no fruit this year....

28 Apr, 2015


My, haven't heard of Greensleeves for a long time - how lovely to have one in the garden. Beautiful pics of lovely blossom - good thing to snap it as it lasts such a short time.

28 Apr, 2015


Thanks ladies, it's nice to see the sun, but the garden is desperate for some rain. However I need to net the blossom out of the pond before it decays.

28 Apr, 2015


How can you not like this blog? All that beautiful blossom and as you say, so fleeting, time to "stand and stare" as they say. Our greengage is shedding petals and while I was uprooting the nettles which have appeared over the winter while I sulked indoors, the Peacock was frantically dashing round pecking at things on the grass.
When I stopped to 'stand and stare' I discovered that he was eating the petals as they fell - perhaps they taste as sweet as they look!

29 Apr, 2015


Is it your peacock? Fancy he/she liking blossom. We only get pigeons, pecking off the primula flowers, have to put chicken wire over them when in flower.

29 Apr, 2015


Lovely photos Siris, apple blossom always reminds me of weddings you can just imagine a bride with her groom standing under those trees. We have plenty of blossom on the apple trees but very little on the pears and none to speak of on the plums, so it looks as if we shan`t be making Shirley Tulips plum cake this

30 Apr, 2015


Plum cake sounds good, Stroller, my sis in law has a prolific plum tree, usually gives us some.

30 Apr, 2015


A smashing blog, lucky you to have the space for all those fruit trees, excellent photographs, I could almost smell the blossom...

1 May, 2015


Don't have space, you have far more big shrubs/plants than I. The fruit trees are on dwarf or semi dwarf roots stocks, but 20 years on ...mmm. Sardine-can comes to mind.

1 May, 2015


I know the feeling....

5 May, 2015

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