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Struggling with the weather


By siris


Why do remontant Iris try to flower at inappropriate times.

Tall bearded Iris “Istanbul” tried to start flowering mid November last year, 2014. By mid December the flower head was a squashy mess and I put an end to it’s misery and cut it off.

May 3rd 2015 it is trying again. Still cold but not winter temperatures. Wrapped up well, it,s just opening for the sun.

May 4th Hooray!! Lovely day, it has come out.

May 5th What a wind. Almost battered to pieces in the gusts.

Its’ neighbour ‘Bullwinkle’ an intermediate, not so tall,is bending in the wind

And the strategy of intermediate ‘Rajah Brooke’ is to hunker down amongst the leaves.

I have got, in a vase, a stem from 2 different varieties, both Talls, snapped off in the winds, must be near gale force here. It would be nice if they opened in the house.
That’s where I am sheltering!

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Oh dear, they are sure having to struggle here today as well, very windy but at least the rain has stopped now, I've just been down to the g'houses and found one of my birdtables thrown across the garden, had to be my newest one, two side spindles and its roof broken off but luckily it had just missed my lovely new Dicentra...
You still get a like for the flowers, they are really nice...

5 May, 2015


Llass. You were luck the bird table didn't go thro' the greenhouse. Staked as many tall flower spikes as I could this morning, don't want any more casualties.

5 May, 2015


Our kitchen is at the front of our house, there is a streetlight just outside, my hubby has been sat at the worktop watching it swaying in the wind, it better not b....y fall this way says he, not worried about the house, his only concern is his precious flipping car, lol....
Do not think he has a problem really but it did strike me as funny and when I mentioned the b'table his response was" Looks ok to me, there's nowt wrong with it" Grrrr!!!!

5 May, 2015


Maybe he was looking at the wrong bird table. The wind was supposed to ease off this afternoon, no sign of that, the letter box is rattling and the lounge chimney is whistling. Have to look at the damage tomorrow. See if his car is Ok.

5 May, 2015


I just hate the wind Siris. I get worried my greenhouse might visit another garden. You wait all year for certain flowers and they are flattened before you know it.

5 May, 2015


I have never had the heating on in May before.
Its not safe to venture out to the postbox.
They still have snow in the gardens in Canada.
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has helped cheer them up over there.
Hope the car will be safe LL.

5 May, 2015


No, I don't like the wind either, Linda, another bad day forecast for tomorrow. I think the warm weather a fortnight ago tricked my plants into thinking spring was here.
Canada, they might expect a bit of late snow. Glad the new baby was wrapped up well for her first sortie outside.

5 May, 2015


Oh it was horrible yesterday wasnt it one of my tree peonies, that I though was in a sheltered spot, had 5 of its 10 huge blooms snapped off, flippin big hole in the middle now, only plus side I'm getting to enjoy the flowers indoors.
Lovely iris :-)

6 May, 2015


60 mph gusts here yesterday!! Such a shame, I will cut off the open floppy flowers today, as more wind forecast today and I don't want any more stems breaking off lower, taking out the remaining buds.

6 May, 2015


So sorry you're having to stake your lovely Irises Siris . . . the wind must drop soon (she says optimistically). The falling blossom is certainly making the lawn a pretty mess!

6 May, 2015


Better tomorrow, so the forecast says. The Individual Iris flowers will last a week if the weather is clement, so fingers crossed! The blossom goes into the pond,get the net out.

6 May, 2015


Is the photo of Bullwinkle on its side, this was the only one I took in portrait orientation? This is so annoying!!!!

6 May, 2015

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