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By siris


The utility area, no way is this going to look pretty, but think of all that lovely compost next year. It will have extra slats added to doubled its size over the summer, been turned, and Voila, black gold!
Now have 5 water butts in total. Beware the rodent trap!

X, (actually blue tape) marks the spot. A gift of Symphiandra from a lovely Goy member, in risk of being swamped unless I am reminded where it is. White corrals around plants = high risk.

Whatever happened to twiggy pea sticks?
Am in the process of changing the coloured bottle tops for more discrete corks.
About 20 years ago I nearly took my eye out, by looking down at a plant. There was a small tomato cane marking the plant, which I did not see, cutting a fraction below my eye. I was lucky. Most accidents happen at home!

Thugs corner, ran out of time, energy and enthusiasm at the end of 2014 to thin/divide/tidy this area. Blue tape, a work in progess.

Acanthus and Bergenia to be thinned dramatically. The Camellia and Artichoke help to stop them spreading too far. Have added a Phlomis into the fray here, it’s holding its own.
Luckily any untidiness in the garden is purely down to me, no sailboards, car bits or other man toys. Apart from a bit of grass cutting (under duress by OH), his solution to a need for help is to buy another tool, for ME. No to that, they just need storing, no shed, no space!

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I do apologize Siris, some of my comments are going walkabout again, never have figured out why, good job I checked out your blog...I'll do it again................
I must admit to laughing at your blue tape, is it yours or halfinched from hubby's toolbox, a trick I have been guilty of in the past when my need is greater than his, it certainly shows up, it can be frustrating sometimes trying to remember where we have popped a treasure, especially when one likes the thugs they are planted amongst and lets them have freedom for a while.
The corks are a very good idea and as you say more discreet, I pop plantpots on canes in the g'houses for the same reason, can remember my girl fell over a cane in her garden only last year, it snapped and made one hell of a mess to her thigh, we use them but they are lethal at times..
You are a lady after my own heart loving your black gold, I have always said I am happy as a pig in muck when turning my compost, lol..
Now you are one up on me here, hubby hasn't cut the grass in two years and that was because I had an op on my knee and he had to, mind you I do not trust him to be careful with my borders anyway, I can certainly attest to the fact that he buys me lots of tools and stuff that are s'posed to make life easier for me, his hearts in the right place just not his muscle when I mention a job that involves plants or weeds., a few weeks ago I asked him to fix some new connections on my hosepipe, he went to the retail park and came back with a pressie, a brand new hose with the connections already fitted, LOL...

10 May, 2015


Thank you, Lincslass, I can relate to all that you say! I did smile at this. The blue tape (or yellow) is the dangly bits on an old plastic fly screen, cut in half and up the middle. Re cycle I say. Haven't been in his tool box recently!

10 May, 2015

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