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France, A week in the Loire Valley


By siris


Day 7, a visit to :-

Like many Chateaux and Manor Houses they are virtually empty inside. This Chateau, in the grounds, is not open to the public, only used for administration.
Looking from the Rose garden.

The garden has different themes. The garden of Shapes, cloud pruned trees, best I have ever seen.

The Water Source from which it got its name.

The Rose garden, the flowers not really at their best yet. A cold and grey day! Saw a much better Rose garden on the way home.

Looking down the herbaceous borders to the butterfly house.

Some of the inhabitants

Orchids growing in the heated butterfly house.

The Iris garden, for which the garden is famous, was a great disappointment, it being renovated. The name labels were muddled or missing, (but we did visit Cayeux Iris earlier in the week).

Label on this Primula growing near the bog garden.

At intervals, in the bog garden, a haze of mist was given off, at ground level, to keep the plants from scorching, some chance of that, that day!

Pitcher plants growing in the bog area

My absolute favourite in the whole garden. Another carnivorous plant, Sarracina purpurea (I think).

Begonia evansii, a tender herbaceous perennial, with lovely colouring to the backs of the leaves. (I grow this, mine is only just coming up, and a poor comparison to this clump).

Hakenechloa with Saxifraga stolonifera.
Might try this planting combo, have both these plants at home.

On the way home we stayed in Caen, where we visited Le Jardin des Plantes, a botanical garden, well labelled.
Both gardens free entry.

And Le Jardin des Oiseaux
Looking down into the Rose Garden.

Then off to catch the Ferry late afternoon.

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Oh lucky you, what a treat, great photographs.....I tried growing pitcher plants in our bog garden, didn't work!!
Very impressive cloud pruning, do keep me informed as to how you do with the Begonia evansii.....

23 Jun, 2015


very interesting!

23 Jun, 2015


Thank you Siris. The member who put the question in
asking what to do with a sloping garden with boggy bit at the bottom would do well to study your photograph of
the Pitcher Plants, etc.

24 Jun, 2015


Diana, natural bog, what an opportunity. I was just thinking could create a little pocket by my pond, but No, the primula thought it too dry in that spot.
Dd, the Begonia, I have had for perhaps 15-20 years. Did give a piece to my neighbour down the road, who grew it in a large pot to a huge size. Was just thinking would try that myself. Will see if I can get off a piece for you too.

24 Jun, 2015


Beautiful pictures! I expect you WERE disappointed about the Iris garden but at least you saw another one. The butterflies are spectacular and the warm house must have been a refuge on a bleak day. The pitcher plants are superb, inspires you to have a go don't they?
The last picture looks lovely and must have been more impressive than the photo shows.
Lucky you to have been and seen them all!

24 Jun, 2015


I really enjoyed the butterfly pics - They are just exquisite!

24 Jun, 2015


Both look amazing and a bonus being free entrance, thankyou for sharing Siris...

24 Jun, 2015


Honeysuckle, The last rose garden just does not show how large it was, or the size of some of the roses. There was also a maze but as we had a ferry to catch, we did not want to get lost in it!
Bathgate, the butterfly house was really interesting, but many of the butterflies just wouldn't stay still. The chrysalis were hung on plants with opened out paper clips.
There was a small entree fee for the Orleans gardens, hardly any body there. I think the French were all in the restaurant.

24 Jun, 2015


Thanks for sharing Siris wonderful pictures of what looks like a lovely place to visit :-)
The cloud pruning is amazing ! Do you think they were copying the shape of the flamingo's ;-)

24 Jun, 2015


The cloud pruning does look like flamingoes, the trees were immaculately trimmed. Very impressed, very French arty.

24 Jun, 2015


Thanks Siris, you certainly grow some very different plants, OH was really embarrassed when he knew how experienced you were, he said he went in to great detail about growing the Vinca cuttings.........I did laugh, he asked me to apologise to you lol

24 Jun, 2015


There is no need for apologies, we can all learn something everyday. I take cuttings in case I kill the original, have found some non flowering shoots on Hot lips. My friend down the road has a nice yellow Salvia. Feel a cutting swap coming on!
Maybe OH should advise me not to put them on the bathroom window cill, where my OH can knock them off!

24 Jun, 2015


I forgot to include the photo of the maze, from above. Didn't go in it in case we couldn't get out in time for the ferry.

29 Jun, 2015

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