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The Heuchera collection.


By siris


I probably have about 10 different Heuchera and am trying to put possible names to them. I have 3 itinerant labels, H. Can Can, H. Stormy Seas and H. Kassandra. That is not to say I still have the plants! Only one (if it is a Heuchera) is flowering at present), this is the one I think is Kassandra. It is 3 1/2 ft to the top of the flower spike, bronzy top side to the leaves and purply reverse. Two clumps of this.

I am assuming this label belongs with this plant, as no other of my Heuchera (only the Heucherella) have bronzy foliage.

There are 3 historic Coral Bells, H.sanguinea, which I must have had over 30 years, a red, a pink and a white.
The flower photographs were taken spring 2014, the foliage was photographed this October, Monday 28. All have green undersides.
The pink is a large clump.

The white, is not such a strong grower.

And the red, has slightly more markings on the leaves, if this is the clump.

Two I bought this year, 50p no name, which I am calling lime leaves

And from France, Pepperoni with mottled leaves and pink flowers. (Can find no reference to this name anywhere.)

Nor where I put it, unless this is it today. Underside is green, so not Stormy Seas.

That leaves these 2 dark leaved plants, both with red reverses. This has glossy foliage, but note the new green leaves in the centre.

And this one with dark matt leaves. Neither seem to have ruffled leaves so am not sure either is Can Can or Stormy Seas!

I have had several Palace Purple, which don’t do well for me and I assumed I had lost so maybe … and Silver Velvet is actually a Saxifrage and in a hospital pot at present.
That makes eight, but which?
Maybe I need to be patient, wait till they flower next year and put a label on them then, even if it identifies them as different clumps.

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I am not the one to help you here with your lovely growing collection of heucheras but a number of members will be able to do so, I am sure. I love the lime-coloured leaves.

28 Oct, 2015


You have such a variety. Karen has alot of Heuchera, she may be able to help. Invaluable arent they, I have a few dotted around now.

29 Oct, 2015


Wildrose, and the price, especially if I lose it.
To be honest, Dawnsaunt, except for the heritage varieties, I don't do well with coloured leaved Heuchera. How can anyone lose Palace purple at least twice! that seems to grow itself out of the ground.
Hope the newer developed ones will be a little more tolerant of me as I have just sent off for 2 as a birthday gift to me, from OH. Saves him buying me something I don't want, and he eats!!!

29 Oct, 2015


Buying one's own presents is always a good idea.

When I've had Heuchera in pots, they have occasionally suffered from vine weevils but in the ground fine, heavy clay here too. Keep us up to date how you get on with your new ones.

30 Oct, 2015


Thanks Dawnsaunt, haven't got them yet, wait with anticipation. I don't keep plants in pots long term, except Citrus. When I turn pots out if I find vine weavil larvae, I drop them in the pond for the gold fish.

1 Nov, 2015


That's a good idea

1 Nov, 2015


Dawnsaunt, I try to recycle all my pests, snails get trodden on, on a stepping stone for the blackbirds. Ant and other small larvae go into the pond for the gold fish. Chop slugs in half with the secateurs, don't think anything would like to eat those slimy beasts.

2 Nov, 2015


I'm all for recycling. Not very nice I know, but if the cats catch mice, if I leave them a while the magpies come and clear them up, sometimes crows even. They have babies to feed too.

3 Nov, 2015


Oh, just found a 'Ring of Fire' label, in my label box. Plant must have already died a death.

10 Nov, 2015

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