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A National Garden Scheme garden


By siris


A National Garden scheme garden is a private garden open on certain days to the public, with the small entry charge going to charity. This is the one I visited on the Sunday 1st May, a lovely sunny afternoon. Often home made tea/coffee and cake can also be bought, sometimes interesting plants can also be purchased, my reason mostly for visiting.

The cake eating area, looking out onto the 3/4 acre garden.

Towards this delightful statue of a deer.

To the left a magnificent Euphorbia mellifera

A huge area of skunk cabbage in full flower

A smaller Euphorbia

There was a large variety of Epimediums, I like this genus.

And this Genus, white, pink, and yellow Erythronium under the tree canopy

And lovely clumps of Trillium, Super Genus.

My sort of plants and planting, if only

And to keep the children quiet, a quiz to find the animals, in the garden.

Pandas in the bamboo, real Bantoms hens, and several beehives, just leave them alone.

Couldn’t leave empty handed, bought a couple of plants. Just need to find the perfect spot in my little plot.

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Glad to learn you had a wonderful Sunday!
The lawn is done meticulously.. How can they do that?! I'm very impressed. I love the panda in the bamboo. Maybe I should get a stuffed panda and do the same LOL. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos, Siris!

2 May, 2016


TM, there were actually 2 cuddly pandas in the bamboo, I hope they took them in before it rained overnight. The stripes on the lawn do look rather good, I think the secret is, one pass of the lawn mower, first direction, turn go back the opposite way for the second pass. My grass area is so small I have to use the the mower like a vacuum, push and retract, and it is a rotary not a cylinder mower.

2 May, 2016


and lots of practice walking in a straight line lol. it looks beautiful Siris glad you had good weather for your days visit. :O)

2 May, 2016


that's a lovely garden. so what did you buy? you cant tease us by saying you bought stuff then not say what it was :o)

2 May, 2016


That is my sort of day out. Looks wonderful Siris.

2 May, 2016


Seaburngirl, already in my 'add plants' file, but I will tell you, a Tropaeolum specosium and Diplarrena moraea, Both demanding specific positions. One acid woodsy soil, the other dry, sheltered.

2 May, 2016


My lawn would never look like that even though my mower is a stripemaster, lol. it looks a smashing way to while away a couple of hours and was well supported judging by the amount of people in your photo's, thankyou for sharing...

2 May, 2016


Lovely garden and great photo's. Like you I really enjoy NGS open days and can't resist a peep into other peoples gardens. And..of course it would be impolite not to buy the odd plant or two!
The other open gardens I like are where the village gets together and several gardens are open, so you stroll from a mansion type garden to a back patio area, to a species garden, water garden - you just don't know what is coming next!
Have a look at this website for your area.

2 May, 2016


Lincslass, I think you need to view a lawn from a distance, I was stood on a raised path. Lots of people went straight for the cake sales! I was the first person there at 2pm when it opened, but went straight for the plant sales, then walked round the garden at leisure.
Thanks, Honeysuckle, already googled open gardens.

2 May, 2016


Good luck with your Tropaeolum Siris - I'd be interested to know how you get on with it. Where are you going to put it?
You were clearly wise to make for the plants before the cake!

2 May, 2016


So you went then? we were going today, unfortunately hay fever was bad, so decided against it....they have been busy........the lawn always looks good.
I am glad you managed to find some unusual plants to buy, they would have been sold out by the time Monday arrived...

2 May, 2016


Did, As Honeysuckle said, it would be impolite not to buy a plant or two, but their growing conditions are much better than mine, more space, more variation of growing areas. Rained in this area this afternoon, but glorious yesterday. Envious of many of their plants, little and large.

2 May, 2016


It is a very mature garden, did you see the trees?

2 May, 2016


Dd, How could you miss them. Or is it a case of 'you can't see the wood for the trees'. Around this area there are plenty of huge trees, many have preservation orders on them. Just think of all the leaf mould you could make.
Ps, took a photo of an/the upright Vinca, but pic washed out.

3 May, 2016



4 May, 2016


I love garden open days and one of the best I have ever seen is Driftwood, Seaford, East Sussex. I saw it at the end of August last year and plan to go again in June. For me it takes 45 minutes by train from Clapham Junction and then a bus journey of about 20 minutes - well worth it, it's really lovely.

5 May, 2016


Ginellie, This garden is local to me, but I have gone further afield to support Gou members in the past, or if I am holidaying and there is a garden open, would visit.

6 May, 2016


Ginellie - last Sunday we went to the Ardingly Spring Show where there was a marquee for 'Gardens Questions' - one of the lady panellists mentioned Driftwood at Seaford - rated it very highly. I really must pay a visit this year!

6 May, 2016


Do go Shirley, it's really lovely.

6 May, 2016


Thanks Ginellie, have made a note of it. :o)

7 May, 2016


I follow Driftwood on Facebook....... It really is a very exciting garden, and the cakes look delicious!!

7 May, 2016


Even more reason to visit! :o)

7 May, 2016


Very nice. The woodland/shady area plants are so interesting/delicate. Nice to have an area to plant them in!

7 May, 2016


Made a note of Driftwood.

9 May, 2016


Was looking for your alpine blog and stumbled on this. Wonderful garden, soooo many nice plants

26 Aug, 2016


And 3 months on, my perennial Nasturtium has grown to 6ft and is flowering. Hope I am able to keep it through this hot period.

29 Aug, 2016

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