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Identification of Hosta, Help needed


By siris


As I mentioned in a Question earlier, I accidentally erased the pencil labels on these Hosta divisions when they were not in leaf. The labels did say Golden Tiara, August Moon, Wide Brim and Francee. I seem to be a name short!

No 1. I think is Golden Tiara and many of you agreed. Small and already has a flower spike developing.
(Excuse the bird dropping)

No 2. August Moon? Leaves all a yellow colour, no variegation.

No 3. Wide Brim? Puckered leaves, with an edge of white/yellowish.

No 4. Francee?

No 5. ? (No Idea) white centre markings, looks like a leaf within a leaf.

The next 2 photos are of the same Hosta in different lights. The Garden centre label I think is of patriot. It was in the bargain area of the Garden Centre because the label was faded, at the end of last season. The white label is mine as I thought it said

The ‘grassy’ bits are crushed Allium leaves to help prevent snails and slugs eating the plants.
When I have got the Hosta sorted, they can go into the pre-prepared places along with my other Hostas, which I can show you later, if you would like.

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How long do the bits of allium leaves work as a deterrent?

19 May, 2016


Looking good Siris.You're right about 1 to 4. Mine are still only opening their leaves. 5 is the one bought in Lidl picture labelled as Francee, which of course it isn't. It was different to any others and I liked it. If anyone gives you a name for it I'd be interested.

20 May, 2016


Steragramm, a garlic spray seems to keep the snails at bay, if sprayed regularly, so I thought make rings of the squashed leaves ( not garlic, they are some noxious allium weed). Belt and Braces - see how it works, as these dratted alliums come up each year.

20 May, 2016


Thorny, Thank you so much for the information. I will just check their heights and then they can go into the ground. Ah, so that is where no 5 came from. I do like the foliage on it, looks like a central leaf. I have found a pic in Images, on google after searching for 'Hosta with white central marking' . Unfortunately there is no name. Wonder what the flowers will look like? We will see.

20 May, 2016


Thorney, have a look at Striptease for No 5.

20 May, 2016


Have looked Siris and I have to say that certainly looks like it. There were quite a few on sale when I bought it, all labelled 'Francee' but I still bought it as it was unusual. Thanks for the info.

21 May, 2016


Thank you for your generosity in sharing with me. I have labelled it Striptease with a ? Mark, for my identification, as bare soil all looks the same.

21 May, 2016


Siris, I came across 'Kiwi Full Monty' while trying to find names for some found at nursery. Offspring of 'Striptease',
very similar too.

2 Jun, 2016


Could be, Thorney, looked up Kiwi Full Monty I have just been to have a look at ours, there is definitely some yellow in the leaves. Maybe I will call it the Full Monty Striptease!

2 Jun, 2016


Sounds good to me Siris.

3 Jun, 2016


Not Striptease? but I have some flowers coming on new Golden Tiara and Wide Brim already. Excellent!

3 Jun, 2016


I am sorry unable to help, only know my recent purchases......we bought several with us when we moved, but unfortunately not labeled.....

3 Jun, 2016



8 Jun, 2016


lol! Full Monty Striptease! Perfect!

25 Jun, 2016



29 Jun, 2016

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