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Seed Pods that came to nothing.


By siris


Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’ beginning to die back

Those wonderful flowers under the leaves produced what looked like seed capsules but they just shrivelled up. I did think it was produced by tissue culture.

I read articles on pollinating Sarracena, and religiously put pollen that had fallen into the ‘umbella’ onto the stigma everyday for a week. All looked good, but last week removed the seed pod, nothing inside.

And in answer to Gnarly ‘Does white Camassia produce seed’ no.

Although you can see that seed pods do develop on the blue, but I have never grown from seed.

Trillium produce seed but there has never been any viable seed.

Codonopsis, was grown originally from RHS seed, so many years ago that I don’t remember what the seed looked like. Although I have tried to pollinate for the last 3 year, nothing, unless it is so fine as to be unnoticeable.

Now cuttings, that is another area prone to disappointment.

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Never mind Siris. You get full marks for trying. You have some fabulous plants there.

7 Oct, 2016


These are representative of the "patented" plants group? I remember (eons ago) a prof talking excitedly about meristematic propagation with gesneriads and how it was going to "revolutionize" plant sales. I guess the future has arrived.

8 Oct, 2016


Ah, Lori, there is always vegatative propagation ....roots, shoots and leaves ...pardon the pun!

8 Oct, 2016


By the sound of it Siris , you could have done no more .
Don't be downhearted .

8 Oct, 2016


Fascinating. So do you think Cammasia bulbs multiply instead of producing seed.

8 Oct, 2016


Not downhearted Driad, nothing ventured ....
Dawn, the Cammasia bulbs do increase, with patience. I only ever buy one of something, so all those blue Camassia are from one starter bulb.

8 Oct, 2016


Morning Siris

"And in answer to Gnarly ‘Does white Camassia produce seed’ no."

lol I dont remember asking but thank you, and after seeing your photos glad I have them on order .

Sarracena I do have lots of very healthy flower's so I will have a look today to see what inside I will let you know ..


9 Oct, 2016


Well as the saying goes nothing ventured !! you have a lot more patience than I have, stll lots of your other seeds have done well for you and many GOYers!!

9 Oct, 2016


Gnarly, I would be interested to know. The flower on my Pitchers, which are outside still, had shrivelled leaving just the centre. I thought when the inner didn't swell that it had failed.
More of an exercise in trying, Dd. I have over one hundred bearded Iris seedlings crosses, that I have nowhere to put, but I do so want to see what I have produced. I was looking into a part share in an allotment, but our local council has sold most to developers for housing.

9 Oct, 2016


Nooooooo not more building. Hope you get somewhere for your irises and thanks for the camassia info. ?

9 Oct, 2016


Oh no that's a shame....... would be an awful pity not to see what you have produced.....

10 Oct, 2016


Top marks for trying Siris...I suggest you always sew love-in-the-mist, just chuck them on the ground, in or out of their 'pods'....they never fail and will act as cheerleaders during your experiments with plants.

31 Oct, 2016


Thank you White Horse, Love in the Mist is one of those plants that I just let seed around, along with Verbena & - &, then just pull out what I don't want, that's excluding the self seeders that I would rather not have increasing.

1 Nov, 2016

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