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After the Frosts.


By siris


After the cold snap, when it went down to minus 1.5 C it left my remontant Iris looking decidedly limp. Today it has warmed up considerably here in the South, but accompanied this morning by a thick fog.

Dottydaisy said her Podophyllum leaves had survived intact in her garden, but I replied that mine were a squidgy mess. However moving the mess aside there remained more than two undamaged leaves underneath. I have now given them a bit of overhead protection, to allow them to die back gracefully.

The open blooms on my Hesperanthus are rather soggy. We had a lot of rain the week previous to the frosts. There are still buds on other clumps and now these are opening perfectly.

My Clematis (ex Laustern plant) has six blooms in various conditions, from this the best, to one completely bleached white.
Also with a few flowers is tender Maurandya, outside against the back fence, complete with all leaves, some Roses not worth photographing and hugging the ground some Violas and Primulas plants have started flowering.

It appears that annual Calandula does not know it is now winter, as it is still flowering with abandon. I have not dead headed it for a couple of weeks, so surely it must finish soon, when it thinks it’s purpose in life to set seed is done.
I have left all the dead flower stalks on any Sedums to protect the fleshy crowns. Besides they look good and don’t flop.

All the wet fallen leaves have been removed from the borders of perennials, except a bank of purple Cotinus foliage, blown against the back fence. These are not wet, so I will probably leave to protect the roots of tenders climbers against this fence.
The garden is now relying on evergreens, plain and variegated to add a bit of winter interest to the garden, and detract from all the marker sticks, labels and corrals marking dormant perennials and forth coming bulbs.
Roll on Spring.

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some very pretty flowers still doing their thing. I hate soggy leaves and all the slugs that hide amongst them.
that iris is lovely and such a late flower.

6 Dec, 2016


Soggy leaves dangerous under foot, particularly on shiny slabs, OK on bare earth, but not on alpines etc.
Sbgirl, this Iris started flowering 22 October, the stem that is, not this particular bloom.

6 Dec, 2016


On the other hand leaves on the beds attract thrushes and blackbirds who love turning them over for what they can find underneath. Nearly all moved from the paths though.

The frosts have discouraged most things haven't they. The fuchsias are quite finished but we have antirhinums still flowering, and a few primroses here and there.

It takes a lot to discourage Calendulas - aren't they brave little souls...

7 Dec, 2016


Stera, haven't seen a Thrush in years locally, but masses of male Blackbirds rooting thro the borders, and pots if not covered.
I have swept up all the leaves from the pavement outside our place, as quite slippery.

7 Dec, 2016


I heartily agree ...roll on Spring......the frost has taken the tender Salvias, which was to be expected, but not killed those little black slugs, annoying!! and so mild now, with some welcome rain, hopefully more on Saturday!!

8 Dec, 2016


Don't want any more rain, thank you very much Dd. Salvia Hotlips has still an odd flower or too. I am also going to leave the withered flowers stalks on the Gaura to help protect them, and cut down in Feb in preparation for spring resprouting.

8 Dec, 2016


We have been lucky to see a few thrushes lately Siris, but haven't heard them singing. Maybe we have to wait until spring.
There must have been a lot more rain here than I realised because the river in town was in full spate today and the water meadows looking very wet.

8 Dec, 2016


Hello Siris ...
nice to see those welcome splashes of colour in your winter garden.

9 Dec, 2016


I love those sedum flowerheads when they dry - so do the birds. Nice little splashes of color still.

11 Dec, 2016


You have a lot more colour at this time of year than my garden, that's for sure!!

11 Dec, 2016


Thanks Terra, Bathgate, Paul, one week on only the Hesperanthus and Calendula left flowering. I have cut all my (Group C pruning) clematis down by half as so tangled, but will give them a proper prune in Feb, the correct time. The Iris flower collapsed, so cut down. I do hope all my Iris will survive the wet. It is turning out to be a wet winter here.

12 Dec, 2016


Roll on Spring Siris.

12 Dec, 2016

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