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Red in the Morning


By siris


Cottagekaren in Scotland said red shoots of her Paeonies were pushing through the soil already. The only one of mine showing is P. mlokosewitschii, often known as Molly the Witch, which has lovely yellow flowers, unfortunately not long lasting.

Geranium ‘Orkney Pink’ has these lovely red leaves. The pink refers to the flowers to come .

Then there is this Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ which will retain its red leaves till the Autumn frosts. I have only just cut down (almost) completely the old stems. The leaves of my other Persicaria is ‘Purple Fantasy’ starts red but changes to green with deeper green markings. Both have sprays of white flowers.

This Heuchera, however, retained its red leaves all winter. I have just cut off the outer damaged foliage.

The old leaves of evergreen Epimedium versicolor sulphureum are red. These old leaves need cutting out to allow the yellow flowers to be seen. Then the new leaves start to come through a bright green colour with red netting, most appealing.

Just emerging from its protective blanket, the pinky leaves of Loropetalum ‘Fire Dance’, with the deeper coloured older leaves. To call them red is perhaps exaggerating somewhat.

With an undertone of red is Mahonia aquifolium (Oregan Grape). Well! there is one red leaf, in the evening of it’s life.

A Hellebore with the deepest maroon/red flowers, I have.

I have always left Oxalis triangularis outside but it is too cold to start producing leaves outside yet. A Goy member suggested starting it into growth inside, so here it is.

Gou full of ideas and suggestions, Thank you.

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Siris like you we have a few red shoots appearing, after tonight we may have less, going to be near to a frost again!! so annoying all this coming and going, still we should be used to it by now!!
The Oxalis is a beautiful colour, as is the Loropetalum, ours has just survived the last of the fencing panels going in this morning!!
Geranium Orkney Pink is another beauty, is that a new one?

6 Mar, 2017


similar signs in my garden but my molly the witch is about 7" tall, it is in a sheltered spot to be fair.
P. purple fantasy is lovely isn't it. It should be more widely grown in my opinion.

6 Mar, 2017


Purple fantasy is widely grown in the South Seaburn.....

6 Mar, 2017


Dd, I thought all your fencing was finished a while ago, but now you can sigh with relief.
Sbg, I have 2 Mollies, the one pictured is in the back, which only gets sun for 1/2 the day, if it shines. The one in the front gets the wind whistling, west to east or vice versa, up or down the road, no sign of that yet. Also have P. Painters Pallet, no show yet, a much smaller Persicaria, Dd gave me Purple Fantasy, we live fairly close.

6 Mar, 2017


We are hoping that will be the last job in the fencing, looks so much better, just waiting to plant it up now, after we have cleaned the patio, have purchased a pressure washer, so looking forward to seeing some clean paving, for a change.....will keep you posted lol!!

6 Mar, 2017


Beautiful colour, isn't it so good to see the garden coming back to life, exciting to see things waking up. :O)

6 Mar, 2017


It's lovely to see the promise evn during this cold damp dull period of the year. You have lots to look forward to in your garden.

6 Mar, 2017


All very attractive. Thanks for the reminder about cutting back Epimediums!

7 Mar, 2017


Although I live in a milder part of the country, I do tend to leave the dead stems on perennials till now, or cut back by half, to protect emerging growth from frosts. Had a big trim last weekend.

7 Mar, 2017


I resolve to be kinder to my Oxalis in future.

7 Mar, 2017


Good for you Diane. I was hoping to increase this Oxalis to some sizeable clumps instead of the odd individual here and there, fighting amongst stronger plants outside.

7 Mar, 2017


Plenty to look forward to in your garden Siris, I just love that deep maroon Helebore and was pleased to discover one this morning when I was doing a bit of dead heading, I can`t remember planting it but I`m glad I did ... if I did if you know what I

7 Mar, 2017


It is a seedling. I have marked 9 poor coloured seedlings for removal, 9 places then for something else. I have some anemone flowered Tutu Hellebores coming along.

7 Mar, 2017

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