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More questions than answers?


By siris


The first is a question for you, alpine enthusiasts.
I bought this plant on a visit to Cornwall perhaps 8 years ago. Unfortunately the label and my memory has gone. I think it is Heloniopsis possibly umbellata, but it could be a Ypsilandra. The developing flowers have a hint of pink.

I put little corrals of plastic netting around little treasures, as you can possibly see in this pic, but unfortunately they somehow get shifted.
This photo shows 2 rosettes on the plant in 2015, so where has the second one gone?

I have been so envious of those of you growing Corydalis. A pink one I bought in a small pot in April 2015 never reappeared the following year although Gou members say they are easy. Thanks to BJS who said that many have corms that resemble small stones, and can be easily moved in error. Trying to identify the above plant in the pic below, with my reading glasses on, is that my ‘lost’ pink Corydalis just poking thro’ lower left, between the two stones, about 1/2 metre from it’s vacant coral? I think yes, unless a self seeded Welsh Poppy. Did it get buried so deep it struggled to reach the surface last year?

As they are virtually sitting on top of one another, do I risk moving the ?Corydalis? and ‘losing’ it again.
Time will tell for both of these plants, but your opinions would be appreciated.


No Corydalis, no Welsh Poppy seedling, no Moss.
Thanks for your suggestions.

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Cant help, I'm afaraid's a dainty little plant. It is frustrating when you don't know what happened to plants that disappear. Happened to me a lot at my last garden but that was partly my fault as I had a lot of big clumps of vigorous which would swamp others and before I realised it, they'd gone!

10 Mar, 2017


I don't think it is Siris, looks like moss forming to me.

10 Mar, 2017


Thanks Paul, my garden is really densely planted, so it's not surprising I lose plants.
Sb, The eureka moment came while I was looking at the foliage on your Corydalis. I nearly deleted the last photo after I enlarged it to produce the first, trimming off the bottom.
It is definitely not moss. Actually thinking about it I only get moss in the grass and in the pond round the Sarracenias but never (never say never) in the borders.

10 Mar, 2017


Answering your first question your plant looks more like a Heloniopsis, than a Ypsilandra!! and I would imagine slugs have eaten your spare!!
I have looked very closely at the plant emerging and it does not look like Corydalis, I have to agree with Seaburn, it looks very moss will have to keep us posted on this one Siris!

10 Mar, 2017


Will let you all know about the results. As for the lost
?Heloniopsis? Looking at 2015 pic it was the back one that flowered last year, maybe the front one is struggling under a section of the ?Corydalus? the bit that looks like a liverwort. Not able to enlarge anymore clearly.
Ps London Pride to right, should be Roscoea to left.

11 Mar, 2017


Agree with dotty blown it up 3x looks like moss

11 Mar, 2017


I thought it was corydalis too but not convinced any more. (Went out in the rain to check with two of mine) Shall you would leave it for a while though just to make quite sure?

11 Mar, 2017


Oh no, Brian, after all you helpful thoughts, you have shattered my hopes, but I am ever optimistic.
Thank you Stera, for braving the rain. It will definitely have to be left for a while for various reasons.

11 Mar, 2017


I see what looks like "Turtleheads" which is a plant I'm looking for. Those basal rosettes look like healthy plants. I'd just let them grow and see what they become.

11 Mar, 2017


Good luck in finding your Turtleheads, Bathgate, but the rosettes are definitely not that, only a small alpine plant.

11 Mar, 2017


I know they aren't turtleheads, I was just noting the similarity. I just found my turtleheads, yey! :)

11 Mar, 2017


Oh good, Bg. Expect they were difficult to locate under your recent snow.

12 Mar, 2017


yeh, I won't be planting them anytime soon. Another big storm is going to hit us on Tuesday. I found a a nursery and I can order them online once the weather warms up. They are native to my area so I shouldn't have trouble growing them.

12 Mar, 2017

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