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The Crow's Breakfast.


By siris


What a commotion at 8.30 this morning. The black birds were going bezerk. The reason was soon seen, a Crow, took part of their nest, from the Pyracantha, complete with the babies, and flew onto next door’s shed roof were it started to eat them. The parent birds did their best by mobbing them, but the Crow only left as I rushed outside. Too late!

Maybe this is revenge for stopping the Crow from eating my goldfish by netting the pond.

I would rather not have this pond cage as it detracts from the garden’s appearance, but it does serve it’s purpose. The other alternative is don’t have fish.

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Will you take it off when the plants in the pond grow?

15 Apr, 2017


No Dan, even with tall water Iris round the edges and water lilies almost completely covering the surface, the Crow still manages to take the fish. I think because the fish come to the edge when they feel vibrations, looking for food, because I tap on the side when feeding them.

15 Apr, 2017


Nature is so cruel sometimes, here its the darn Magpie's that steal from the nests, I know they have to eat but I do anything to chase them away when the birds are nesting, even going so far as to aim the water from the hose at them if nothing else is working, under any other circumstance I wouldn't dream of doing that to any bird......

15 Apr, 2017


I was so startled about the audacity of the bird, and the poor Blackbirds were agited and calling for half the morning.

16 Apr, 2017


Yes, they are vicious in the spring. I find it strange that they don't ever seem to bother the adult birds, but will take the young. I know the young are helpless, but i doubt an adult garden bird could put up much of a fight against a big Crow...but I suppose they could fly away if they were quick enough.

26 Apr, 2017


Karen, OH saw a crow march across the grass to attack? a male Blackbird, which flew off quickly.

26 Apr, 2017


I'm so glad this carnage isn't happening in my garden. OH would be so upset. He has a very naive view of animals. ;)

26 Apr, 2017


I know they all have to eat, but being selfish, I wish they would eat someone else's fish and birds.

27 Apr, 2017


We have only two fish left in our pond: a medium-sized one and a small one. OH only removed Winter protection three weeks ago and I reckoned the heron had been around. Didn't know crows tackled fish. We even considered mink as some were released once by animal -rights people. Have seen a grass snake in the pond so the little ones stood no chance! May buy some medium-sized fish but have lost so many in the past I am thinking of getting an alligator instead. Could get rid of the heron problem!

Glad I didn't see the crow with the nestlings : upsetting. A teenaged blackbird flew into our dining-room window three days ago and killed itself. We had had a lot of pleasure watching it being fed and growing up so I was saddened. I shall now leave the windows dirty! (well that's my excuse).

2 May, 2017


I suppose we entice birds into our gardens with food etc, concentrating them for wild predictors to pick off more easily, never mind cats.

2 May, 2017

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