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An Orchid House


By siris


Something from outer space?

With a 30m glass dome. No, just the ultra modern entry to….

…the Orquidario, Estepona, Spain, supposedly containing one of the most diverse collections anywhere.

I hope I’ve not got these names muddled.
Aerides multiflora

Osmoglossum pulchellum

Brassia antherotes

Under the glass dome, two floor levels with a 17m continuous waterfall to provide humidity

And an intermittent waterfall of 30m

Just don’t get caught out in front of it

Every plant had its label and an orange disc showing if they were flowering. Some were so small that a magnifying glass was placed in front.
Orchids in fibre,

Orchids in pockets on the damp wall, with a drainage channel at the bottom.

Not only orchids, carnivorous, Nepenthes, a variety of Monkey Cups.

I’m guessing Coleus, obviously not too small. Thorney thinks Fittonia, name looks good to me.

A Fern?with sporophytes? on the fronds.

A beautiful and interesting display house. 3euros entry.

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Where is this Sue? Some of the most beautiful Orchids I've ever seen.

3 Oct, 2017


Karen, it is at Estepona, Spain, near Gibraltar.

3 Oct, 2017


How marvellous ! Thank you for sharing your visit.
Much appreciated.

4 Oct, 2017


Its a wow from me ....

4 Oct, 2017


Thanks, I guessed Spain, but didn't know where. Its a big country.

4 Oct, 2017


Some beautiful Orchids Siris and the little plants are Fittonia I think, from memory of a plant name exam I did years ago. They are similar to Coleus but a lot smaller. I could be wrong though.

4 Oct, 2017


Beautiful orchids in a beautiful setting, Siris.

Reminded me that we visited McBeans, Orchid Specialists near Lewes, many years ago, and were lucky enough to be shown round the place.

Had a look at the website this morning and was shocked to read that it had faced closure in 2014, but was rescued by a Mrs Rose Armstrong who visited it the day before it was due to close.

You might like to view the link, Siris, here at:

It looks a lovely place and a credit to Mrs Armstrong and her team, and it's in the UK! :O)

4 Oct, 2017


Thanks for the Fittonia name, Thorney, it does look like them in a living wall.
Eirlys, looks like Mcbeans have some wonderful Cybidium, my favourite, cause I can provide the conditions they like and so they thrive for me. Don't pass by Lewes, but was near Estepona last week so paid a visit, pleased I did.

4 Oct, 2017


Such stunning varieties that you for sharing.

4 Oct, 2017


this is such a lovely blog siris. thanks for sharing. they have such a wide range of flower form.

5 Oct, 2017


Fascinating thank you

5 Oct, 2017


Lovely and not somewhere I'm ever likely to go so really appreciate you sharing Siris, thankyou..

5 Oct, 2017


Thank you for viewing.

5 Oct, 2017


My word what a place to visit.......I imagine you were well chuffed!! amazing orchids, out of this world.

5 Oct, 2017


Was there, years ago, a lovely town, this place has very little rain, lots of sun and is quite dry which makes it the perfect spot for an orchidarium doesn't it?

5 Oct, 2017


Seaburngirl, Orchids, 2nd largest genus of flowering plant 880+, of which I have all of 5 different species.
Loosestrife. maybe it has changed since you visited. It is still a popular tourist destination, with a pleasant promenade. There is the old town and fishing port.
The orchid House is newish and on the site of the old agricultural collecting yard which has now moved further out.

5 Oct, 2017


What a spectacular building worthy of holding all those beautiful orchids.

8 Oct, 2017


Spectacular inside and out, Stroller, did you spot the Baobab Tree in the outside grounds.

9 Oct, 2017

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