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First Day of Spring, in the South.


By siris


This is my beautiful ‘Donation’ Camelia a few days ago.

Today, under the car port the temperature went down to -1c and the water froze in my Saracennia tray.
In the conservatory 3c overnight again, but that’s ok providing not for a long period.

Look at those flowers now. Luckily there are more buds nestling in the shelter of the leaves.

The back garden. I know there’s not much snow, but I now feel one of you.

And the pond, frozen execept for a small portion, where there is a small aquarium pump outlet, which keeps a portion ice free, for my goldfish.
Unfortunately the little birds can’t get to it to drink, as I’ve netted the pond against predatory crows.

By 4pm the bird bath that I filled with fresh water was filled with snow.

Ok, now we’ve had our dose of snow too, that’s enough.
Roll on Spring temperatures.

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Well, all I can say Sue, is welcome to the club! :S I'm almost glad that my Camellias have no buds!

1 Mar, 2018


I'd rather be 'black-balled' from your club, Karen. Hoping it's all gone by tomorrow afternoon. Luckily Camellia plants are tough, even if the flowers aren't,

1 Mar, 2018


Now I'm sorry Siris but I've had a right chuckle now, only a few minutes ago I read your comment on my blog and thought now where can that be, I didn't know there was anywhere without snow, so I looked again at your profile, we didn't want you to feel left out, lol. Its still flipping snowing here, been non-stop all day, enough is enough and I for one have certainly gone right off it, I gave up on going out to thaw the birdbaths after lunchtime, luckily the birds can sit on our net that covers the fishpond, the pumps are never turned off so it doesn't freeze completely...
Your Camellia is absolutely gorgeous.....

1 Mar, 2018


Sanbaz had no snow at all at lunch time. I must ask her how its going! She's near Blackpool if you remember.

1 Mar, 2018


Karen I haven't seen Sanbaz for ages how is she, are you both on FB btw?
Siris we have more than you at the moment, and more expected tonight and all day tomorrow, and then a week of rain!

1 Mar, 2018


We are Angela! I've just heard from her. She's still not got any snow, but says its bitter wind there. Will pm you....

1 Mar, 2018


So glad you took a photo of your lovely Camellia before the frost did for it.

1 Mar, 2018


Poor camellia, that’s why mine don’t do well. The wind seems to be the issue at the moment here. I guess the beautiful white camellia you mentioned the other day, down the road, is brown now too :-(

2 Mar, 2018


Dawn, Donation always seems early. The white, along the road, only one flower, brown now, but plenty of buds amongst the leaves unless they've been destroyed or pecked off by the birds. My red is bidding it's time.

2 Mar, 2018


Poor Donation has been caught out this year then.
I’m pleased your red in lying in wait.

2 Mar, 2018


Most of ours are still in tight bud, and I am pleased they are....

3 Mar, 2018


I hope all those remaining buds stay closed until this spell of wet weather, forcaste for next week, has past.

3 Mar, 2018


That is soo beautiful. We have a couple of snowdrops, now
covered with snow again. I hear we are going to get a biggy on Tues. or Wed. This is March! As long as the cold lets up
during crabapple time, lilac time, I will put up with a little more. But I read just as terrible or worse overseas.For the longest time, have thought you were an Iris. I now see it's a statue behind. Very clever.

5 Mar, 2018


Wells, I just adore bearded Irises, and my initial is S, I should have put an apostrophe in there.

6 Mar, 2018


That camellia is stunning... such a pity about the snow damage ... I hope some new buds emerged afterwards.

8 Apr, 2018


All the unopened buds are now opening, but they are falling off rapidly. I think the frost damaged the flower pedicels.

11 Apr, 2018

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