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Casualties of Winter 2017/8


By siris


I put the pots of Sparaxia into the ground when the growth was quite advanced in February, big mistake. They are now under the car port to see if some are redeemable.

This Ginger has spent its life in the conservatory but each year it hit the roof before flowering, so I thought I would put it into the garden in a sunny corner. Thinking about winter I decided to put it under the carport in a large tub at the end of the summer. It hit the roof and the flowers were distorted, but it has suffered badly (to death probably) there. The roots are quite pappy.

I took the fleece of these Watsonias today. I knew that the leaves had been frosted. This was new last year. The green shoots are of an Iris behind.

This Watsonia was more established and only the top ends of the leaves have been frosted, so hopefully it will flower again this year.

My Cotinus is just coming into leaf, so that’s pleasing. Abutilon megapotamicum variegatum, which had covered a 6ft fence panel is just bare stems with a couple of leaves. I will have to wait and see whether it can be saved.
I will have to seriously think about growing tender plants if last winter is a taste of things to come.

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Such a shame about your Ginger but good that others have survived . Plants I think might get damaged in pots I mix lots of polystyrene under and around the out sides mixed in with soil then cover with lots of leaves.

21 Apr, 2018


Pity. I take a lot less risks now than I did 30 years ago.

21 Apr, 2018


So sorry to read about your plants. Maybe they won't have died completely and will recover in time. I do hope so ...

21 Apr, 2018


I think the Ginger is a goner, but the Watsonias will probably survive, wether I get flowers this year is another matter.

22 Apr, 2018


So sorry about your ginger. Hope the others recover well and surprise you and flower this year. Gardening is living in hope lol ?

23 Apr, 2018


I hope you discover lots of survivors.

24 Apr, 2018


None of us expected to have such a harsh winter, especially in the South, as you know our ginger has been outside for a few years now, and like yours it is possibly a goner!such a shame.....even some of our Crocosmia have died! so Watsonia.....who knows? lets hope for the best!

26 Apr, 2018


Thank you for you commiserations. I've taken the Ginger out of the tub and put it in a large pot back in the conservatory, the Canna next to it has a green shoot under the soil so not everything is lost.

27 Apr, 2018

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