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Actinidia kolomikta


By siris


I had an Actinidia kolomikta for many (more than 25?)years growing against the back fence. It had the most beautiful foliage, but 2 years ago it died.
Amy, hearing of my loss, was kind enough to gift me a rooted cutting. Here it is in August 2017 in its new home.

It obviously liked it here and by September 2017 had increased to a main and a couple of side shoots. I decided to over winter it in the pot.

After preparing the ground in readiness this year, I put it into the border against the east facing fence last week. I was going to put it in my Gou garden, and take a photo for my file.

Doing the rounds of the garden this morning, this is all that’s left. The two good side shoots were lying on the ground beside it, broken off where they join the main stem.

I think it is birds, possibly the Crow, landing on it, the only bare landing spot around. I’ve seen the Crow trying to get at the fish again. Or the Sparrows are working through the surrounding plants looking for insects, I’ve seen them in the past landing on Iris flower heads, breaking them off looking for greenfly.

I could have cried!!! I’ve tucked the soil carefully around it and put a cage of chicken netting around it.
I’ve also put it in my Gou garden so it knows it’s here to stay. Hopefully with attention and tlc it will thrive once more.

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Where there's life, there's hope. Good luck, Siris.

28 Apr, 2018


That is so annoying and disappointing especially when its been gifted by a friend, hopefully it will recover.

28 Apr, 2018


Oh isn't that so annoying Siris......I know how you feel, so very frustrating, if it isn't one thing its another...

28 Apr, 2018


We expect too much. All young plants should have some kind of protective cover, full time, for a few months until they get stronger.

28 Apr, 2018


I couldn't agree more with all your comments, particularly, Dianes.

28 Apr, 2018


I would probably have done the same as you, Siris. We live and learn!

28 Apr, 2018


A cat will be the culprit. They love it nearly as much as nepeta. Build a 'cage' round it to protect it tomorrow or you will only have an ex-actinidia.

28 Apr, 2018


Thanks Andrew, I put netting around yesterday, just checked, it's still ok. We did have a cat problem, but those households moved, and the only cat left is so old he doesn't move from his garden now.

29 Apr, 2018


I was thinking the same just now Andrew, never thought before Siris, our cat loves ours, she rubs against it.!

29 Apr, 2018


Its amazing where cats go in the dark evenings when you are watching T/V. Get called in for their supper at 9 p.m.

1 May, 2018


shame but should bounce back as the roots are all fine I have the white tipped version of this .....


5 May, 2018


The leaves always start green and take on pink and white bits later in the spring. One year, a very late frost caught the foliage, and the regrowth stayed completely green for that year, but returned to 'normal' the following year.

5 May, 2018


Mine usually gets frosted but the leaves go crisp/brown :(. So far I've been lucky this year.

6 May, 2018

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