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Garden belonging to Galanthophiles


By siris


Thursday I visited a local garden, the lady of the house is a Galanthophile.

They have an open sided glass shelter for some of their alpines.

I did like ’Gone Fishing…..

..And the ones with yellow ovaries as they do look different

So many Snowdrop, hundreds of named cultivars
I tried to include the name in the photo, as it was difficult for me to see the difference between some varieties.

Treasures in a glass house

More bulbs in the garden

Also perennial plants

Even Sarracenias in the bog area.

Another glass house with more bulbs

Oh deer, it’s time to go home.

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What a lovely blog Siris. I have difficulties identifying species of snowdrops let alone the different varieties. I do have a few named ones as they were given to me as gifts.

love the deer statues. I'd love a good statue but haven't found one that we both like.

15 Feb, 2019


wow nice day out and sunny ... I bet you had a great day out amazing snowdrops as well

,the ones you gave me have flowered ta


15 Feb, 2019


What a delightful day out thanks for sharing my favourites are the snow drops especially the yellow tops and eleventh photo down.

15 Feb, 2019


What a treat to go there and to see so many different snowdrops. She has many other lovely Spring plants too.

15 Feb, 2019


I was quite envious of the 'other' plants. I visited this garden in June last year, was spectacular then, with a different range of plants, alpines a speciality.

16 Feb, 2019


I must be the only one here who had to look up that word! :O)

Looks a lovely place to visit. Is it a private garden or are plants for sale?

16 Feb, 2019


Yes, it is a private garden, but the owners are members of the Hardy Plant Society and the Alpine Group and open their garden on occasions for members to visit. Also Snowdrops were for sale.

16 Feb, 2019


Nice Siris, I wonder what the garden is like the rest of the year.

17 Feb, 2019


Dawn, I visited in early June last year. Around their pond was spectacular with massed candelabra primulas and Iris sibirica. Cardiocrinum and other species Lilies in the dappled shade from their neighbour's trees. And of course many alpine treasures.

18 Feb, 2019


Very nice all year then, lovely

20 Feb, 2019


What a lovely place to visit & a great collection of plants, love the deer too!

21 Feb, 2019


Not a big garden, but it does have a natural stream running through it, and they've put a pond in it which takes the run off from the surrounding properties then overflows into the stream. Love it. And they say a kingfisher visits, tho' obviously not when they have open days.

22 Feb, 2019


Lovely blog Siris and what a great garden to visit, I could lose myself amongst the alpine selection....

5 Mar, 2019

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