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Promise of Fruit


By siris


As it was raining hard this afternoon, I had a thorough look at what is developing in the conservatory.

Shall I make you guess what these fruits are?

Two tiny green fruits on the end of one branch and one on another branch with the possibility of a second lurking. They are on a shrub in the conservatory, which is just coming into leaf.
Answer at the end of my blog.

Some of last year’s fruit on my Calamondin Orange is already ripe, (no they are not Tomatoes!) some nearly so and if you look carefully in the top left hand corner the tiny green fruit developing from last year’s blossom.

There are two ripe lemons left on my Lemon Meyer.

Answer to the above…….Dalmatie Fig.

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are the oranges edible Siris? it looks a strong healthy plant.I thought a fig but wouldn't have got the species at all.

5 Mar, 2019


Yes SBG, the oranges are edible but very small and bitter. I candy them or use them in a 3 Citrus marmalade with my own lemons and bought grapefruit.
Some of the leaves around the Calamondin are Cymbidium Orchids on a shelf behind and a huge Strelitzia to the left.
Well done, Dalmatie is a green Fig variety. I had 9 Figs last year. They were delicious.

5 Mar, 2019


You have lots of treasures in your conservatory, lovely oranges and lemons too by the sound of it :-)

5 Mar, 2019


Oooh. That marmalade sounds grand Sue!

5 Mar, 2019


Fabulous Siris, you have the good touch with everything don't you...Only ever seen them growing in the glasshouses at the house and gardens we visit...

5 Mar, 2019


Thank you Lincs. All these plants are in tubs. The Fig is supposed to be hardy, but it dropped all its fruit the first year when it was outside. The Citrus are now taller than me. I put them outside in summer, but it's a 2 person job to tip them to get them through the patio door. Bluetits take off any greenfly and summer showers wash off any sooty mould.

6 Mar, 2019


Nice to see your figs, mine are not as advanced as that, but I leave mine outside seems hardy enough and fruits regularly if not prolifically.
I've got a citrus, grapefruit from a pip sown by my son over 20 years ago, it has to stay outside now, just can't lug it inside any more, too heavy. It's never fruited but did have some blossom in 2018
Hampshire as well BTW

6 Mar, 2019


You lucky things being able to keep these Citrus outdoors! My Lemon is a bit sickly. It tends to drop all its fruitlets, and the leaves are a bit pale, even though I feed it (perhaps not often enough) with Citrus feed and liquid seaweed. It grows, it certainly grows. But it hardly flowers and never fruits. I keep it in the greenhouse in Winter and outside some of the summer.

6 Mar, 2019


KAREN, Citrus prefer a pH between 5.5 to 6.5, but will grow in any soil. I read somewhere not to use liquid seaweed on acid lovers, don't know if this is true but I never knowingly put on any acid lovers.
GRANDAD GARDNER welcome to Gou. I gave up on a homegrown grapefruit from a pip after several years.

6 Mar, 2019


Siris, can't let my grapefruit go as son grew it, can't see him volunteering to lug it over Southampton way though

6 Mar, 2019


Interesting Sue. I’ll doa bit of research on that. I do have it in citrus compost.

6 Mar, 2019


I put mine in ericaceous compost originally and top dress each year with a bit more, also there is a lime-hating Lily in one of the pots.

7 Mar, 2019


Interesting using ericaceous compost, our lemon is a weedy looking specimen, this is possibly the third one we have grown now!!
I like the sound of the fig, we grow Brown Turkey mainly for the leaves, they hide the!

11 Mar, 2019


You Fig, DD, is outside sheltered against the fence isn't it?

11 Mar, 2019


Thats right at the very back of the garden, against the fence so the squirrels can help themselves to the fruit lol!!

12 Mar, 2019


Oh Dd, I thought it was on the left side by the little patio.

13 Mar, 2019

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