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Suffering from the Wet.


By siris


The blooms of my two Camellias are being blown off by the wind, then the petals are turning soggy on the ground. ‘Donation’ was a picture a couple of days ago.

Trillium kurabayshi has been above ground since early January but the leaves look decidedly limp. I think it’s the rain and not the frosts we had a few nights ago.

The piece of T. luteum that I rediscovered in the garden has increased to 3 leaves this year, but no sign of flowering.

I’ve just covered my Hepaticas with a sheet of glass as the leaves don’t look good and something has been nibbling the first flower.
Out has come the pieces of chicken wire as birds have been pecking off the Primula flowers.(I suspect that it’s pigeons)

On a more positive note, Epimedium versicolour sulphureum has started to open its flowers. I will need to cut off last year’s old leaves, better to appreciate this year’s emerging leaves which will be edged in red.

The flower heads on Narcissus ‘Rip Van Winkle’ being so heavy are now lying flat on the ground, but these dual coloured ones are standing up well to the rain and winds.

What happened to all the lovely sunshine?

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Yes Sue...its horrible isn’t it? Im afraid March looks set to be wintry. But I hope we don’t get the snow like last year. I’m clinging to the fact that each day the sun’s heat is growing stronger, and Spring ‘has’ to arrive before too long!

7 Mar, 2019


the trials and tribulations of march weather I'm afraid. My rip van winkles have also been flattened by the rain.
there's no sign of any of my trilliums yet but I think grandiflora is a later one. well I hope so.

7 Mar, 2019


KAREN, No more snow please. Last year we has a hail storm in May, destroyed many of my Iris flower heads.
SEABURN, I have a Trillium grandiflora, but as you say it's later to emerge than the others.

8 Mar, 2019


You're just over the border and yet your Camellias are ahead of ours.( Think our teenage stag has friends!!)

Fingers crossed snow and frost keep away!

8 Mar, 2019


More wet today unfortunately for your camellias, but they do look lovely, bit jealous as I've not enough room for one

8 Mar, 2019


EIRLYS, do Deer eat the leaves of Camellias then? Bearded Iris are Deer proof, oh! they might walk over them?

8 Mar, 2019


It's a shame the weather is reeking havoc!
Look at you Trillium kurabayshi!!!!!
The leaves on my hepatica look horrendous, do you remove yours at some point?
Does your epimedium always flower this early?
So many questions :)

8 Mar, 2019


Your Camelias are gorgeous.

8 Mar, 2019


DAWN, no I don't remove the leaves on my Hepaticas, but BJS would be a better person to ask. The green nice leaf on the pic is a Cyclamen, the Hepatica leaves are all brown, chewed and tatty. I don't know what happens to them, probably rot, to hopefully be replaced by new.
Only Epimedium versicolour sulphureum flowers early for me, the clump is v. large with a dense layer of leaves which I don't take off over winter so probably there are loads more flowers protected under those leaves. Thanks for reminding me, I'll clip those leaves off Today.
Thanks 3PB.

9 Mar, 2019


Loving your Camellia's, we cannot grow them here, the Mad March weather is playing havoc here also....

9 Mar, 2019


Love your Camellias. It will be a while before mine flowers. Still pretty cold here.

9 Mar, 2019


The camellias are so pretty...shame about the winds. Those winds must be one of the historical reasons for walled gardens...? The wild trilliums here grow in hardwood forests under a thick layer of leaves..maybe a mulch would help them? also the plant's rhizomes take years to develop fruiting bodies so you may have a bit of a wait time. Protecting the brachts is very important too. When I was a child we picked the whole above ground plant by the armfulls. The plants are now protected. No telling how many clumps we starved!

9 Mar, 2019


Thanks for the reminder about cutting the leaves off the Epimediums forgotten to check for a week or two.
My Camellia is just coming out.Still in its pot as we're waiting for next door to see a chunk of their garden - been dragging on for months and the poor thing will have to be repotted if nothing happens soon. Yours are a picture!
Please do show us the trilliums when the flowers open?

9 Mar, 2019


Thanks Siris

10 Mar, 2019


Shame about the Camellias, luckily you have plenty of flowers, it has been so very wet hasn't it, and another fortnight of this weather by the looks of it.....and then its going to be dry!
Our Hepatica looks awful, think I might risk cutting the leaves off!!
Our one and only Epimedium is looking good, snipped the leaves off a few days ago! lost all the others, the yellow seems to be very hardy!
Good luck with the Trillium, looking forward to seeing the flowers...

11 Mar, 2019


Think I'm going to put an Hepatica into one of my terracotta tubs, keep it under the carport over winter.

11 Mar, 2019


Mine are out in the woodland looking bedragled.

11 Mar, 2019


Tougher plants overgrow the Hepaticas and crowd them to death.

11 Mar, 2019

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