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By siris


Each year I try to remove some plants which are colonising my garden.
Bulbous Ipheon unifolium produces tiny bulblets after flowering and in trying to remove them, they just keep extending their range. They look stunning at the moment, all along the bottom of the bungalow wall.

Muscari a bulb I introduced many years ago has clumps everywhere now. I dig out the clump and replace the divit with some fresh soil. Unfortunately the bulbs are similar to Daffs, so have to mark when in flower, enjoy the blooming and then removing. It’s an annual task.

Spanish Bluebells, almost impossible to remove as they are in the soil so deeply, I end up just breaking off the leaves, from the bulb, surviving in the depths to produce daughter bulbs the following year.

As Dracunculus vulgaris smells so awful when the flower opens, I decided to remove them, but as you can see I’ve not been successful. There are two youngster growing amongst the Japanese Anemones, which I am also trying to remove all along the base of the garage wall.

I take the seed heads off Nigella, and then scatter them at the back of the borders, but the ones that germinate the easiest are not where I want them, shading the Iris rhizomes from the sun, so I weed them out.

This year I’ve got a lot of wild Speedwell, Veronica persica germinated, only small at present and easily removed.
Wish all weeds were so easily removed.

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never had that problem with Ipheon sadly wish it did. agree about the Spanish bluebells and the muscari. I too have tonnes of Nigel but at least they weed out easily.

I am battling the couch grass today just by way of a 'change'. ha if only. I am slowly getting there.

26 Mar, 2020


No couch grass in my garden, thank goodness. Most of my weeds (a plant in the wrong place) have been introduced by me in the past.

26 Mar, 2020


The ones I am ‘removing’ every year are the blue scillas!

26 Mar, 2020


I accidentally found a 'cure' for couch grass invading from my neighbour when I first moved in here. I planted a row of rhododendrons where it was growing, and it killed the couch grass in about three years

26 Mar, 2020


Thats a great tip Andrew. Its true...nothing much likes to grow under a rhody!

27 Mar, 2020


if only I wasn't on chalk ;o)

27 Mar, 2020


and I had room for a Rhodi!

27 Mar, 2020


It’s the Spanish bluebells and the wild garlic also Brazen Hussy.....will be removing Muscari too.....going to be ruthless this year......

5 Apr, 2020


It's a losing battle.

5 Apr, 2020


Oh and Acanthus!!

6 Apr, 2020


I got rid of my Acanthus and progeny years ago

6 Apr, 2020

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