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Clematis Wilt


By siris


I am sure my Gravetyre Beauty Clematis has wilt. It’s stems have turned brown and the flowers are hanging droopily from their support. I think it must be the environmental conditions, the soil was bone dry although I’ve been watering regularly. I believe this variety is prone to disease, has anyone had the same problem?
I think I will cut it completely to the ground, add a new layer of soil, water well and see if it recovers.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
I’ve never had a problem with wilt before.

SEPTEMBER 2020. This is Gravetyre Beauty after its recovery.from the chop.

I do hope it doesn’t get Wilt next year or it’s for a final chop.

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I think that's why they say plant lower than it was in the pot so it comes back from wilt from new shoots below the soil level. I had a clem with it once a long time ago but after cutting the stems off the plant came back from the base.

21 Jun, 2020


That's what I'm going to do, but it rained this morning, so I'm going to wait till it dries, cut it off at the base and burn the cuttings.

21 Jun, 2020


August 24th. It has recovered and now is a couple of ft tall. Think it's too late in the season to flower now.

24 Aug, 2020


You never know Siris. My 'Constance' re flowered and my 'Freckles', a winter flowerer, has been flowering for the last month yet some summer flowering clems showing no sign of flowers at all. A very strange year.

25 Aug, 2020


Pleased to hear its recovery has been a swift one....some of our Clematis ours never even turned up......

9 Sep, 2020


Gravetyre Beauty is doing well, it has branched a bit, but as yet no sign of buds. I've lost 2 Clems this year, one to a rat? digging beneath the roots and the other just too dry.

9 Sep, 2020


30 September 2020, it now has a doz flowers, I've trained it along a rope swag. It's about 1/4 of the way among.

30 Sep, 2020


How lovely......

30 Sep, 2020

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