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I have just brought my 3 Citrus shrubs back into the conservatory last week from outdoors The leaves have had a good washing with the rain, which has removed any remaining sticky aphid honeydew. They are all in tubs on trollies with casters.
The scent in the conservatory from the Lemon has been wonderful. Each day when we opened the patio door a large bee entered and went straight for the blossom, collected some nectar, did its pollinating job and flew out, to return the next day.

There are 11 small lemons developing so far, and flowers with the potential to produce more. I have been going over the fruit with a small paintbrush to enhance pollination.

The Two Calamondin Oranges have finished flowering and have lots of the tiny bitter fruits developing.

In the background of the last pic is a Strelitzia plant, also in a tub. It’s huge, but I’m loathed to get rid of it, as I’ve had it for many years and it flowers reliably each year.

I use these fruits in drinks or to make marmalade, supplementing them with bought grapefruit to make a tasty triple Citrus marmalade.

The Citrus are getting so big they are gradually easing us out of the conservatory. Oh, and there’s the Fig plant too, 9 figs this year plus 2 that turned rock hard during the heat wave.

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OOOh Siris that first photo is a winner - how beautiful! And that's before taking the lemons into account.
Your conservatory must be a delight - can't blame the bee for visiting regularly! You must remember to keep opening the door for him! And then to get marmalade too - what a bonus.

4 Sep, 2020


what a lovely number of citrus plants you have. I tried growing some a few years back but they had scale and hubby decided they had to go.

4 Sep, 2020


So pretty and useful too ... lovely to see 🙂.

4 Sep, 2020


Thank you, I'm hoping for a good harvest, and lots of pots of marmalade.

4 Sep, 2020


Agree! That first pic is a really pretty one. Very attractive flowers, Siris. Hoping you have a good harvest of fruit for marmalade. 😊

5 Sep, 2020


I had never seen lemons at this stage before. How long do they take to ripen? Thanks for showing your beautiful plants.

6 Sep, 2020


Thanks Bathgate, there are fruits and flowers at the same time on the lemon, so not really noticed, but I suppose these will be ready November.

6 Sep, 2020

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