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Strawberry Planter


By siris


I thought this Planter would be good to use for some tender succulents. It is winter wet and damp that kills succulents so I can keep this under the carport.
I’ve put an offshoot of Bulbine fructescens in the top.

The cuttting is flowering out of the picture as too tall a stem, so I’ve included a pic of the mother plant.

There are 4 side holes so in one I’ve put a cutting of the purple Delospermum, it too is now flowering.

The holes have been plugged with a piece of polystyrene to prevent the gravelly growing medium falling out.

Just got to put plants in the remaining 3 holes, but I’m onto that, cuttings of Delospermum Desert Moonstone and a D. Desert Garnet for another but they are much too small as yet. Probably wait till spring. The 4th, mmm, lost my Basotoland and another from the Desert series.

The cuttings started as insurance against loosing the Delospermums planted in the garden, even thought they have winter protection, and the Planter is pretty useless for strawberries.

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I have several planters and they are totally useless for strawberries as you say. I use them as ornaments/laid on their sides etc.

29 Sep, 2020


Yes, good idea SBG, I have in the past put a damaged pot on its side and planted it up, then if it cracks completely it's used as crocks.

29 Sep, 2020


That's a good idea. You've made good use of the pot and been able to give some cuttings a home. When the plants fill out the pot will look pretty.

30 Sep, 2020


Thanks Hywel, I hope these S.African plants will like their new home. Because the pot is so long it's got lots of space for drainage medium before the drainage hole at the bottom.

30 Sep, 2020


It looks good Sue and a very good use of the pot .

30 Sep, 2020


That's a very pretty planter and will be apicture when in bloom.

30 Sep, 2020


Should look lovely in the Spring....keep us posted!

30 Sep, 2020


Dotty, one of the 2 cuttings of Desert Garnet has died, but it was only the size of my fingernail. Took it because I think the mother plant in the scree garden is on it way out.

1 Oct, 2020


Oh what a pity......

2 Oct, 2020

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