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Inside my Green Box


By siris


I’ve ‘borrowed’ the trees in the background, which are along the edge of the recreation ground, two properties distant. They must be over 60ft tall and shelter us from northerly winds. Our property actually ends with the Olive tree and the purple leaved Cotinus.

I’ve managed to block out the sight of next doors peaked shed roof with my orange Pyracantha Shrub………………

…….but not quite the roof of their bungalow.
The bees love this Cotoneaster horizontalis Shrub when it’s covered with its tiny flowers in Spring

Anisdontea El Rayo will be cut back to fence level by me before any winds from the East cut it back for me.

On the fence panel between the Cotoneaster and El Rayo I’ve a variegated Abutilon which is evergreen but tender. It lost all its leaves last winter and I thought I had lost it but thankfully it has recovered somewhat. There is one of its flowers visible in the pic on the left.

There is a selection of about 8 shrubby Salvias along the base of these 2 fence lines, which add colour over a long period. One day I’ll get round to photographing them all, but not today it’s pouring with rain.

I’m sat in the conservatory looking out at a wet view of pic 1. The 2 dark leaves at the side of that pic are Apples trees on dwarfing roots stocks, (September and Greensleeves) not so dwarf though after 20-30 years of growth.

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I love your green box! I'm trying to achieve the same effect but only had a max. of 4 years' growth...
You have some interesting plants (I'd never heard of anisdontea before, but that's the joy of GoY) and it's obviously sheltered enough to risk some more tender shrubs. I might take a risk with my salvias - which do you find the hardiest? Thank you for an informative blog!

30 Sep, 2020


You have managed quite successfully to hide your neighbours and their sheds etc.....well done....we are nearly there!

30 Sep, 2020


Loving your green box - I’m’s taking me way too long to get to your stage, Siris.
I do love your berry laden cotoneaster.
The variegated abutilon is very attractive, liking the leaf shape. Good to hear it made a comeback for you.

30 Sep, 2020


I like the view from your conservatory, it must change with every season, and probably every day with the weather variations we get in this country.
It's great that you've been able to block out your neighbour's shed roof, that Pyracantha is much better to look at.
Your Aboutilon has got lovely leaves, they add colour and interest, and go well with the Cotoneaster berries.
It's been wet here today too and I got cheesed off with being cooped up inside the house so I went for a walk in it lol

30 Sep, 2020


Anget, you are in a mild part or our country, maybe wetter than Hampshire. Salvias, I find Hot Lips so reliable and exuberant, but all the shrubby microphylla seem good. If I have a cutting I overwinter under the carport for their first winter. I lost a late taken cutting of African Sky by planting it out to young and small, but of course I'd got insurance cuttings.

I lost a variegated Abutilon many years ago when it was about 6 years old, so was slow to retry one again. The plain leaved Abutilon I believe are much hardier and they do have bigger flowers.

1 Oct, 2020


That is a sight to enjoy Siris,, I like to see berries and different coloured foliage especially evergreen ones that help get us through the dark dreary days...

2 Oct, 2020


Thanks for the info., Siris. Very helpful.

2 Oct, 2020


I could sit and relax in your green box any day of the week, something of interest all season its wonderful.

8 Oct, 2020


Thank you Stroller, I would like to SIT and RELAX, but always find something that needs doing.

8 Oct, 2020

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