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I have a love/hate relationship with Fuchsias.
I planted a Fuchsia magellanica Sharpitor in ‘Thugs Corner’ an area bound by the right corner of the front wall. Each year it expanded and was covered in its numerous pink flowers, despite being pruned hard each year. The bees love it. A couple of years ago I was stung by what I think was a Hornet. I was in too much pain to wait to identify the monster. This was the second occasion I was attacked by a foraging insect on it.
After the swelling went down I got out my tree pruners and raised it to the ground in spite. Later I dug and dug to remove the roots and replanted with a Persicaria Red Dragon.
Look at the corner now. Another attempt at removal is called for.

My F. magellanica versicolor was a beautiful shrub until it got gall mite from my neighboughs’ extensive collection. I cut my versicolor and all her diseased bushes to ground level and burned all the branches. They have since grown back and we’ve seen no signs of further disease, but my versicolor has no variegation anymore. The Bees love it still.

Next grumble……Climbing Fuchsias or to be more precise very tall ones.
Pink Fizz is considered to be an improvement over old ones, but she just won’t ‘climb’ for me.

Another unnamed Fuchsia from my neighbour.

I include a pic of Genii, which I like for its yellow foliage and dainty flowers.

I still like Lady Boothby but she has only reached to where the pergola reaches the start of the arch this year. Last year her flowers were hanging from the top arch. Very fetching.

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my lady Boothby did well for 4 yrs and then it didn't do much for 2 years then died. I hope yours isn't going to copy mine.

my David is huge and really does need a good chop this spring. I didn't do it this year as it had flowers all through the winter.

16 Oct, 2020


We have 'Grayrigg' which has grown enormous over the last few 4 years, at least 4ft high x 6ft which was a surprise. The more elaborate doubles have surprised by their growth too along the side if the house. 'Sharpitor' we also have in the back garden but it isn't as big as yours as it is swamped by roses and physocarpus.
For me, the jury is out on climbing varieties. I had 'Lady Boothby' twice but it didn't do much. A bit of a gimmick, i thougt, although I loved the colours.

16 Oct, 2020


Thank you for your findings on Fuchsia varieties. I find Fuchsias difficult to place in my cottagey style garden (read jam packed!). I don't want to grow wide spreading Fuchsias, take up to much lateral space, only tall ones.

17 Oct, 2020


I don’t have any fuchsias, Siris. I don’t no id have the room to be honest. I’ve always favoured other flowering shrubs ahead of the fuchsias. My neighbour’s grow them and they seem to do well.

17 Oct, 2020


I like Fuchsias, we once had nearly 200 varieties, but I've never been able to grow Sharpitor, it always dies. It's nice to know it does well in your garden.
I agree some hardy ones can get out of control and they do need drastic pruning sometimes.

17 Oct, 2020


Thank you for your findings everyone. It's so useful having feedback from other growers.
'Thugs' Corner' has such lousy soil its where I put misbehaving plants, but when I want to remove them it's such a job, dries rook hard in summer and have to put water on in order to get the fork in, then it turns to pudding clay with stones.

18 Oct, 2020


I read somewhere a couple of years agothat a chicken mite spray was good gor gall mite so my son got me a bottle from his agricultural wholesaler. At the beginning of the year I sprayed all mine and I have to say , the leaves wrinkled and I thought I'd killed them but they bounced back and touch wood have been good ever since. They were all cut back to nothing and put in the greenhouse in late September apart from the hardies that live outside, but I would do the same again next year.

18 Oct, 2020


Thanks Thorney. All my Fuchsias are hardy ones which live outside, so cutting to ground level is my best option.

18 Oct, 2020

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