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Trillium Doubts


By siris


Several year ago probably 7-10 years, I bought a Trillium luteum but it didn’t do well and disappeared, then about 5 years ago a tiny Trillium appeared and I moved it to shadier spot.

These came up in the new spot in 2018. You can just see my luteum label

And flowered 3 April 2020….but …they’re not yellow. So what species are they?

I think they must be seedlings of this which I bought perhaps 20 years ago from Spinners as chloropetalum, but I always had my doubts. Flowering in 2018 decided it was probably kurabayashi. Maybe Trillium recurvatum?

Flowering in February 2020 the leaves appear to have been frosted, and they do seem to curve downwards.

As they also have this year. They really look quite scruffy.

My Trillium grandiflorum, which I had to take out and pot up temporarily whilst having some work done to the patio door, seems to have gone awol. It did try to emerge much earlier, but it is either sulking or died. I might have a dibble around where it should be. Dibbling has not been successful, maybe a larger trowel is needed?

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Good luck with tracking them all down, Siris.

1 May, 2021


I've said 'like this blog' not because you have had 'trouble ' with them but I have the same problem. I have lost count of how many I have bought , never to re appear. Apparently they like more light than we tend to give them, more an edge of woodland or woodland clearing type plant.

I like the fact you have 'caged' them so you can find them again. I wonder if they are able to move around like some of the native orchids do here?

2 May, 2021


I did know some species can take a long time to establish.
The not-luteum has increased and has a flower spike, but now it is quite shaded by the Bleeding Heart plant.
Last year, I had to re-pot grandiflorum, it was in mortal danger of being trodden to death, but after I put it back in the soil I did see its nose just poking thro the soil in the warm spell in March, so put a slight covering of woodsy soil over it. So many little worms in the soil, the Blackbirds are rooting around in the soil, every thing precious is either corralled or wire netted.
Sparrows are pulling at the garden twine I use to tie around poles for my clematis, pulled to pieces now.

2 May, 2021


I’ve like your blog as I’m liking the trillium and the fact they popped up again - sorry to hear it’s gone AWOL! How frustrating! I do hope your next dibbling session is fruitful.

2 May, 2021

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