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Pesky Pidgeons


By siris


A decade ago 2 lovely collard Doves used to court in our garden, a delight to watch. Unfortunately they have been driven away by feral Pigeons. Being heavy birds they do a lot of damage by trying to nest in my Pear trees, breaking off the fruiting spurs. They bring old twigs to start nest building, which then drop onto the path below. As soon as I see the birds land I rush into the conservatory, waving my arms and banging on the glass, which causes them to fly away until my back is turned. You would think with all this noise it would put a stop to their amourous activities.
What to do? Stop them landing and getting into the centre space with a length of wood between the 2 Pear trees, didn’t work, add a windmill. So, ok, it won’t turn but the rattling has sent them elsewhere ….to the Apple Trees.

Stick a load of bean canes into this tree, now looks like a Sputnik, but didn’t stop them, so OH made another windmill, with more blades.

And sited it at the top of the opposite tree…

… this turns well and makes a nice rattle.
So today, they have not attempted to enter the trees. Worked? Or is it because the heavy rain has soaked the trees and they don’t want to get their feathers wet?
Time will tell.

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We also have a problem with pesky pigeons.
We got a new bird table and he had to add extra dowels to keep them out. They were sitting in out of the rain.

lets hope your inventions work.

16 May, 2021


The trouble is they "court" all year round. My cat brought in a squab in early February when the ground was covered in ice! Here, they spend their lives running along the rooftops, bowing to each other and jumping on each other every morning when I'm enjoying my first cuppa in bed. No sense of sedate behaviour!

16 May, 2021


Yes SBG, I've got dowels between the corner posts of our bird table Thick birds, Pigeons, still sliding down the roof, hovering, trying to get in even after 2 years.
ANGET, They do make a racket, cooing on the roof of the bungalow in the early morning. We've got a bedroom up stairs.

16 May, 2021


I loathe them, feral or wood...I know lots of people like wood pigeons...I’m sorry I don’t.
Pigeons of all varieties make such a blinking poo mess, chase little birds off and seem to have big plodding feet which damage plants! Oh and when they are on the’s like a full grown man walking over it to the other noisy.
I have now managed to get Eve in on the pigeon chase! Sometimes she just watches them from a window...lazily.
Grrr....I went out yesterday to clean up their’s a pain in the backside! I do what you do, Sue, bang on the window, clap my out after them and shoo them’s a temporary fix, sadly.

16 May, 2021


we have a flat roof above our bedroom and it sounds like they are tap dancing.

16 May, 2021


I had to smile at your comments, Kate.

16 May, 2021



17 May, 2021


There seems to be a pest for every plant, some big some small, finding and exploiting a niche

17 May, 2021


We had a dismembered collared dove in the dining room the other day. A few feathers go a long way... Their calls can get wearisome - there are several pairs here and they seem to be shouting We TOLD you, we TOLD you at each other for hours at a time.

17 May, 2021


I have a pair of wood pigeons & a pair of collared doves, so not too much of a problem really. I don't mind the calls they make but the squirrels I would happily shoot if I could. If only they would stop digging & get off the bird feeders. I curse that guy who introduced them to his estate. I suppose I should say. " forgive him Father as he knew not what he did".

19 May, 2021


Feverfew, Glad the Squirels don't venture from the recreation ground further than the 2 properties between us.

19 May, 2021


I hope your windmill will work and stop the birds landing. I think it's a great idea :)

21 May, 2021


The windmill was turning like a whirling dervish in the storms recently, and 1/2 the bean poles have fallen out of the tree, but no Pidgeons thankfully.

22 May, 2021


The pigeons in our garden are so heavy it is a miracle they can take off to fly!
I have just put very prickly holly all round my sweet peas to try to keep them off them and have dangled a few ancient cd's as well!
I am not a fan!

24 May, 2021

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