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At My Allotment


By siris


I went to the allotment today, to remove the vegimesh over Top Bed 3 (it prevents weed seeds blowing onto the ground and germinating) with a view to putting up the frame into which to grow Sweetcorn. Ready and waiting to be planted out this weekend when the weather is more clement.
I did take my camera in order to number the Iris now they are starting to flower.
Top Bed 2 has the most Iris in bloom now, although there are loads of buds to come. Seem so late this year.
All my own crosses

At the front loads of My Smokey.

Behind that lots of My Mustard

An individual Plicata amongst that patch.

A clump of Yellow Standards Maroon Falls 20A20. The old heritage blue is behind in this pic, must have very dominant genes as I didn’t use it as a cross. First to flower marked for removal.

Then another Plicate, but with a pale background.

Then 20A2, which is well battered by the winds, pic taken earlier.

In total I have 6 beds devoted to Iris. Last year I recorded and photographed 79 different Iris. The 6 beds probable contain over 300 plants.
The remainder of my plot (It’s a 1/2 plot) is devoted to annual veg, strawberry beds, 6 Blackcurrant bushes and some pathetic Raspberry canes. OH built me a double compost bin and a girl shed out of pallets. Oh, and a v, small Perspex greenhouse.
It definitely keeps me busy.

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You’re a true iris aficionado aren’t you! 6 beds! That’s really something, Sue. Your allotment plot sounds very productive, oh, and it certainly sounds like it keeps you very busy!

25 May, 2021


This just shows your dedication Sue to what you clear love doing.
The range of colours and shapes are stunning.

a wonderful blog.

25 May, 2021


Thank you. I can't wait for the Iris in bottom bed 4 to flower. That contains mostly my Space Age Crosses..

25 May, 2021


That's a fantastic achievement Siris! Have you had many registered as named varieties?

25 May, 2021


I look forward to seeing your iris collection each year and once again you have some beautiful flowers.
79 different ones in a wonderful achievement.

25 May, 2021


Beautiful irises . Great accomplishment. I admire your dedication.

26 May, 2021


I’m bowled over by your stunning achievements! Where did you learn your skills?

26 May, 2021


Such patience and such dedication! With such stunning results.

26 May, 2021


Wow !!!!.. I don't have a clue how you do it but your Iris are fabulous Siris, the veggie plot sounds good also, is the allotment close to home ??

Great photographs of beautiful blooms...

27 May, 2021! Your Irises are wonderful.

28 May, 2021

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