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By siris


Idea 1 The Scree Area
There are quite a few places in the garden which i want to change.
Firstly I wish to resite the white bucket pond in the scree garden to free up more space for sun loving alpines. It contains a mini yellow Water Lily which after several years, flowered for the first time, last year. I dont want to lose the plant. It would get lost in the Primula pond. I did try it in a water tight pot free standing, but the pot cracked during a frosty spell over winter.

Above the Primula Areas, to the left, and the floating raft with Candelabras to the right of the bridge in the small pond.
Idea 2 Fill in the small pond with water retentive soil (whats that?) and plant the primulas directly into the soil, with the bucket pond actually put in the pond at the front.

I do like keeping the Water loving Primulas in pots as I can shift the pots around depending on what is looking good at any moment and I can take out the pots to weed.
Some of the Primulas I have
P. florindea just starting to flower

And P. wilsonii var. anisdora

Earlier secundiflora and Alpicola alba. I thought alba wasn’t particularly white, more a cream colour, so I will see about getting Postford white, a Candelabra type.

Also in the damp area to the left, I bought and planted a Louisiana Iris, supposed to be Spicy Cajun, but that is red, this is not.

A common Spotted Orchid has relocated itself to this area, hope it increases there.

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Decisions, decisions.. I'm loving all your primulas, Siris. I have a soft spot for them but can't persuade OH we need a bigger pond than our teeny-tiny one. You have a good selection of interesting plants there.

20 Jun, 2021


the scree garden looks very floriferous. I love the primula and as you say it would be a shame to lose the yellow lily.

Why not bury some pond membrane so it forms a shallow reservoir where the area will remain damper for your prims?
glad the spotted orchids are happy with you.

20 Jun, 2021


I have some Growbags sunk into the ground each with a primula in and i keep moist. Seems to work well.

20 Jun, 2021


I do like your scree garden, Sue. I enjoy seeing your pics. You’ve some great ideas, must agree, it’d be a shame to lose the lily, especially as it’s flowered for the first time in ages..
I wouldn’t be able to decide, have to say, I think it looks really lovely as it is..I’m pleased your gorgeous orchid has decided to make itself at home, I hope it does increase in numbers for you.

20 Jun, 2021


I bought the Spotted Orchid at a plant fair, but its not now where i originally planted it. Its made a home for itself in Louisiana!!

20 Jun, 2021


native orchids do move around a lot. I have a bee orchid that has travelled about 4ft away from where it was first spotted. I do have another but that is in a pot.

21 Jun, 2021


I think it's a good idea if you have a sunny spot, to utilise it for sun loving plants. It seems a waste otherwise.
I'm glad you're going to resite the lily, it would be a shame to loose it,
I've never grown those water loving Primulas, they look interesting.

21 Jun, 2021

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